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9 Natural Ways to Achieve That Silky Straight Hair

Achieving that gorgeous, silky hair has never been this easy!

Hair care is a very important thing, especially for women who want to look and feel good. It has been part of their daily routine as far as they can remember. But while some girls think about making their hair a bit curvy, there are those who dream of making it silky straight.

Apparently though, most of them resort to using styling devices that can actually harm the hair structure. This goes without saying that they often use products that only damage their hair. But worry no more – we here at Elite Readers have found a couple of natural ways to achieve that silky straight hair. Check them out below!

#1. The Way You Shower

Believe it or not, proper hair care starts in the shower. Creating a good hairdo requires a good shampoo and conditioner. With that said, remember to use products that contain keratin. The latter is well-known for its straightening effects.

#2. The Right Type of Comb

As much as possible, veer away from using round combs as they are specifically made for curly hair. In terms of brushing, try to use a comb with a wide tooth. This one is perfect for untangling your hair.

#3. Combing

After showering, let your hair dry naturally and comb it every 5 minutes. Make sure that you part your hair in several sections to achieve a straight form. If you can use a hair dryer the better.

#4. Conquering Stubborn Curly Hair

One way to overcome this is by going for a ponytail. After a proper wash, wait for your hair to dry (at least 70 percent). From there, make a low-tight ponytail. If you have bangs, you can keep them by using hairpins. Be sure to comb your hair to ensure that there are no tangles.

#5. The Latin-American Women’s Secret

Interestingly, women in Latin America have their secret when it comes to straight hair. It is called “La Toca.” Basically, their wash and dry their hair using a blow-dryer but on a cool setting. Afterwards, they wrap it around their head using hairpins.

#6. Cosmetic Straightening

There are a bunch of creams and serums that can help you achieve a silky straight hair. They also help in protecting your hair from UV rays and the damage it can get. However, you cannot use them alongside a hair dye. Why? That is because it blocks the cream from getting straight into the hair’s core. Hence the effect is barely noticeable.

#7. The 3-Oils Mask

Here, you will be needing castor oil, olive oil, and burdock oil. You are to mix them but make sure to have them in equal proportions. The amount of oil you use will depend on the length of your hair and its thickness. Make sure to heat the mixture in a water bath. Once done, simply apply it to your hair. For better results, wrap your hair in a warm towel and keep the application for at least 40 minutes.

#8. A Colorless Henna

This one here is very popular, and it is often used by women with curly hair. It makes your hair structure a bit thicker and thus becomes a bit heavier and straighter. Moreover, it can be used to fight off dandruff and effectively prevent split ends.

#9. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Oh, yes, apple cider vinegar is, in fact, a natural hair strengthening product. Just mix 2 tablespoons of it and a cup of water, and put the mixture on a spray bottle. After washing your hair, spray it over the whole length. Leave it for several minutes (say 10 to 15), and then rinse using warm water.


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