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30 Women Ditched Dyeing Their Hair And The Results May Convince You To Go Gray As Well

#3 is what Jennifer Aniston would look like with gray hair.


It’s no secret that natural hair color is now becoming a myth. With so many celebrities, models, social media stars, and influencers switching up their natural-born shades for hues on the complete opposite end of the color spectrum, it’s near-impossible to track down what someone’s original hair looks like.

However, it seems that gray is now the new black! As much as some women hate their natural gray hair, majority are now ditching the dye and rocking their gray. Here are 30 women who ditched dyeing their hair, and they look so good that it may convince you to do the same.































Martha Truslow Smith, who founded the Instagram account grombre, believed that women should not feel embarrassed for having gray hair, and should embrace it instead.

She said:

“The underlying reason I started Grombre was to start a different dialogue around gray hair on women and find the answer to some earnest questions of my own: ‘Is it true that my gray hair is ugly, makes me look old, and means I’m no longer good enough?'”

Being in her 20s with gray hair, Martha was concerned with what she would look like when she gets older. But then she realized that there are more important things out there to spend our time and energy on that our locks.

The 26-year-old then noted that this movement is not meant to attack those who dye their hair, but it’s simply reminding everyone that they have a choice.

“This isn’t said to knock anyone who is dying their hair- if you enjoy it, go for it! If you don’t, then the question I ask is: should you have to?

Don’t fret over others opinions, instead, follow your calling, and you’ll surprise yourself with how strong you are and where your path will lead you.”


Women Are Choosing Not To Shave For ‘Januhairy’, Check Out Their Progress

Are you up for the No-Shave January Challenge?

2019 has just begun yet a new trend is already gaining momentum. Women are currently choosing not to shave their body hair for the month and calling it 'Januhairy.'

Januhairy was kickstarted by British student Laura Jackson, who had started growing her body hair for a different reason in May 2018. Laura had chosen not to shave since then before deciding that it should be for a good cause. Januhairy is currently supporting The Body Gossip Education Programme, which is a self-esteem class that targets young women.

Laura Jackson is the woman behind Januhairy.

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Graphic Designer Creates Colorful Louis Vuitton Braids And The Internet Is Loving It

People are begging the luxury brand’s artistic director to hire him right now!

Has your fashion sense ever made you an instant celebrity? A graphic designer recently decided to embellish his long braids with colorful beads that resemble the Louis Vuitton logos. Not surprisingly, people are loving it and are now begging the luxury fashion line to hire the aspiring rapper.

Magnus Juliano is a graphic artist based in Ohio who clearly knows how to style his hair. For New Year's Eve, Juliano fastened colorful LV logos to his braids and posted the photos on Instagram. He even tagged Louis Vuitton men's wear artistic director Virgil Abloh in his posts asking for an internship. Needless to say, the pictures have gone viral and netizens are asking Abloh to consider giving Juliano a job.

Meet the graphic designer with the colorful braids you want.

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Vegan ‘Appalled’ After Pizza Hut Gave Him Dairy Ice Cream Toppings

“This is appalling. I am outraged, heartbroken. In fact, I feel like my lifestyle has been mocked.”

A vegan visited Pizza Hut to try out its new “Veganuary” range after recently adopting an entirely animal-free diet. Kori Paul Swabey first enjoyed a jackfruit pizza and then decided to finish his meal with the restaurant's new dairy-free deserts.

After being assured by the waitress that all the options were vegan, the 23-year-old went to help himself. However, he was concerned after seeing milk listed as an ingredient on the bottles of toppings.

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