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Mysterious Footage Shows 3 UFOs leaving Earth Before NASA Unexpectedly Cuts the Live Feed

Is NASA trying to hide the existence of aliens?

Mini Malabanan





Is NASA trying to hide something from the human race?

This is what many conspiracy theorists believe after NASA captured a live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) allegedly showing three blurry UFOs leaving the planet and flying into space. Moments later, NASA unexpectedly cuts the live broadcast with the message ‘Please Stand By.The High Definition Earth Viewing experiment is either switching cameras, or we are experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station’.

Although the video shows nothing but mere specks of light rising from the atmosphere, conspiracy theorists believe that the mind-boggling footage is proof of alien life.

Photo credit: The Guardian


“I say multi-dimensional spaceships. The Anunnaki were said to be multi-dimensional, so they probably had/have spaceships that are multi-dimensional too,” one wrote.

According to The Daily Mail UK, the specks of light could be caused by the glint of the sunlight, a glitch in the video, or even space debris orbiting the earth. Theres is also a possibility that the video has been edited or altered before it was uploaded, as suggested by Mirror UK.

Photo credit: The Guardian

Meanwhile, NASA has not offered an official statement nor an explanation regarding the footage the has baffled viewers.

Watch the mysterious footage below.

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Source: Mirror UK

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YouTube Star Diagnosed With Two Vag¡nas Answers Questions About Her Rare Condition

YouTube star answers burning questions of fans about her rare condition called uterus didelphys.

Jessa Ventures



22-year-old Cassandra Bankson of San Francisco set up her YouTube channel several years ago to offer advice on everything from living with severe acne, to make-up tips and dealing with bullies. Now she is using the medium to shed light about her rare condition, uterus didelphys which is known as double uterus and occurs because the uterus begins growing as two small tubes, rather than one.

In a Q&A video, she answered some questions about it and whether or not this medical anomaly is responsible for the chronic acne that made her famous.

The YouTube star who runs beauty-focused YouTube channel DiamondsAndHeels14, told her hundreds of thousands of subscribers that after complaining about her back pain, doctors made the discovery that she only has one kidney but two vag¡nas, two wombs and two ‘cervixes’. Cassandra, who also works as a model, explains that she has chosen to discuss her condition in the hopes that other people, especially those with the same condition, will be enlightened about it.

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Paranoid Father Locks His Family in an Apartment for 14 Years. Now they Tell their Story.

The Wolfpack : The story of 6 brothers who were locked in an apartment due to their father’s paranoia.

Ann Moises



Inside a tiny apartment in 154 Broome Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, lived a family with a peculiar story.

Oscar Angulo, the head of the family, locked himself, his wife, daughter, and six sons away from the rest of the world for 14 years.

Almost 800 people live in that public housing development yet no one knew, saw, or even heard of the brothers until recently.

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Epic Prank Gone Wrong! Paris Hilton to Sue TV Show Over Fake Plane Crash

Mark Andrew



Socialite Paris Hilton had no idea what was in store for her when she recently appeared in a Dubai TV show called Ramez in Control ("Ramez Wakel Elgaw"). She was in the country for a promotional tour.

During the episode, she was invited by Egyptian actor Ramez Galal to take a 15-minute fight with him and other passengers. The host wanted to give her an aerial tour of Dubai by plane.

While on board, Paris sat beside Ramez the entire time. Eventually, the plane’s engines started to splutter and an alarm began ringing.

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