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Mother Shaves Daughter’s Hair After She Reportedly Bullied Bald Girl With Cancer

Mom clearly wasn’t okay with what her daughter did.






In 2016, a viral video of a woman shaving a young girl’s head went viral. Reportedly, the woman who did it was the girl’s mother as a punishment for making fun of another girl with cancer. But you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

The woman in the video was speaking Portuguese and it’s not really clear what they were talking about. It just shows how she forcibly grabbed her alleged daughter by the hair and started shaving them off. But it was found out later that the same video circulated over a year earlier under a different title.

This video of a mother shaving off daughter’s hair went viral.

Media sites picked it up and reported that the shaving was a form of punishment.

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It was claimed that the girl bullied a cancer patient and this didn’t sit well with the mother.

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According to a different version of the story, the girl was actually punished after naked pictures of herself were found on Facebook. Other made comments about how she was not being punished for bullying or for the naked pictures but because she engaged in premarital sex.

The girl’s hair was shaved off to make her unattractive to men.

A team from fact-checking site Snopes happened to be in Brazil at the time when the video made rounds and they asked locals to translate the language. There were different responses from the locals with references to cancer and somewhere along the lines of “See what happens with your brother …”

Unfortunately, most locals can’t really make out what the women were saying while others admitted that their explanation may have been influenced by having known the supposed backstory. This leaves one thing clear – the true backstory remains a mystery.

You can watch the video below.

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Nevertheless, the video was disturbing to see. And if indeed the girl may have done an unpleasant thing, the mother’s reaction was abusive. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Chinese Woman Strips Naked At A Mall After Ex-Husband Tells Her He Bought Her Clothes

“That cell phone you’re carrying, those clothes you’re wearing, I bought all of that for you,” her ex said.

Donna Marie Padua



An unexpected public encounter with an ex-lover could make for a very awkward situation. It certainly has been a seriously infuriating meeting for this ex-couple when they ran across each other in a mall because one of them had to go home naked.

A scorned Chinese woman probably had her hardest time seeing her ex-husband recently at a mall in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. Apparently, after their bad breakup, this woman’s ex-lover still held grudges against her and even greeted her with a big slap in the face. Eyewitnesses were able to capture a video of the incident which has since gone viral as soon as it was posted on Chinese social media.

A woman proved to her ex-lover that she doesn't need his money to go on with her life after their breakup.

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Bodybuilding Champion Dallas McCarver Dies At 26 After Reportedly Choking On Food

RIP to this big guy.




Dallas McCarver, a champion bodybuilder known as “Big Country,” was found dead in his Florida home. He was 26. A friend of McCarver’s found the lifeless body after midnight on Aug. 22, and reports stated that the superstar died after choking on his food.

McCarver was doing just fine earlier on the day of his death. He was working out in the gym and even posted the video of his session on Instagram. But later that night, no one expected that McCarver would be gone. There were no signs of foul play or any indications that he would harm himself.

WWE star Dana Brooke said she had spoken to him on the phone before his death.

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Terrifying Footage Shows How Signal Number 10 Typhoon Hato Battered Hong Kong

Look at how strong a Typhoon 10 signal is.

Angela Beltran



A powerful typhoon struck the coast of China, bringing heavy winds and flooding to both Hong Kong and Macau. The typhoon is so strong that the highest typhoon warning of signal number 10 has been issued.

Major establishments, schools, and offices have shut down amid the wrath of the typhoon. This has been one of the strongest typhoons to hit Hong Kong. In fact, it was five years ago that the city experienced a maximum category 10 storm.

A Typhoon 10 signal can have winds of more than 74 miles per hour, sending meters-high waves into coastlines.

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