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Mother’s Viral Facebook Post Reveals Heart-Wrenching Story About Ugandan Babies.





Couples especially those who are just starting to build their own family can relate to the daily struggles that come with parenting. The lack of sleep, less time for yourself and the need for more patience. Attending to the baby’s needs, changing diapers and waking up in the wee hours to a crying child. All these and more can be frustrating and yet fulfilling too. The beauty and horrors of parenting, so they say.

Meanwhile, this mother’s Facebook post that has since gone viral reveals a powerful message about parenthood. And what seems like a typical photo shared by a proud first time mother hides a heartbreaking story which struck people most.

Here’s the photo of Dayna Mager with her 5-month-old baby captured by her husband Matt.


“I climbed in the crib in hopes to soothe my screaming, teething, blushed faced, and tear soaked little girl. There I was in the heat of this exhausting, beautiful thing we call parenthood,” Danya wrote.

According to her, it was one of the first times they ever had to leave their daughter, Luella. Significantly, it was also the same day she made a promise to her little one.

She recalled meeting a missionary during the event who shared his experience at an orphanage in Uganda.


“He walked into a nursery with over 100 filled cribs with babies. He listened in amazement as the only sound he could hear was silence, not even a squeal. A sound that is beyond rare for a nursery with over 100 new babies laid.”

Troubled and confused, he turned to his host and asked why the nursery was silent.

She then looked at him and said, “After about a week of them being here, and crying out for countless hours, they eventually stop when they realize no one is coming for them.”

That was when Dayna broke down. Overwhelmed by emotion, she made a heartfelt promise to her beloved child–to nurture, comfort, attend to her needs and be truly present for her always.

“At 2:00am when pitiful desperate squeals come through a baby monitor, I will come to her.Her first hurt, her first heartbreak, we will come to her. We will be there to hold her, to let her feel, to make decisions on her own, and we will be there. We will show her through our tears and frustrations at times, that it is okay to cry, and it’s okay to feel. That we will always be a safe place, and we will always come to her.”

The said post has earned more than 60,000 likes and over 23,000 shares. New and long time parents are equally moved by it too, sharing their own struggles and accomplishments in parenthood.

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