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Mother Willingly Sacrifices Her Life After Refusing Cancer Treatment To Save Her Baby

“Doing anything that might harm my unborn baby would be unthinkable,” the mother said.

Mark Andrew





It’s always heartwarming when we hear about mothers who readily sacrifice their own comfort and well-being for the sake of their children. In some instances, however, that could mean laying down one’s life in order to save another.

Case in point, this mother willingly sacrificed her life when she was asked to chose between getting a life-saving cancer treatment or aborting her baby.

In a Metro article, we learn that young mother Tasha Trafford was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma soon after she got married and after suffering back pains. Eventually, she had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and was told by doctors that she was clear after two years of treatment.

Tasha had earlier frozen three embryos and, upon learning her cancer wasn’t active anymore, went ahead to use one to become pregnant.

Unfortunately, Tasha’s cancer came back 16 weeks into her pregnancy.

Source: Media Wales

It was, at that point, that the doctors told her she had a difficult decision to make – to either end her pregnancy so she could begin chemotherapy treatment soon or to risk losing her own life.

The mother, who was an A&E nurse, according to Metro, said:

“Doing anything that might harm my unborn baby would be unthinkable”.

Baby Cooper was later born and his mom was only able to spend 11 short months with him before she passed away.

Dai Gallivan and his daughter Tasha, during her wedding.

Source: Media Wales

Dai Gallivan, her father, reflected:

“She had him for 11 months. She knew what was happening but we didn’t speak about it much. It was a really long illness and was incredibly hard for Tasha.”

Tasha wanted to live to see her son turn one.

It is indeed a sad story but Tasha left us all with an important lesson – that a child’s life is indeed precious and sacred. Also, she perfectly demonstrated how powerful a mother’s love is.

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