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Dog Carries Lifeless Pup With its Mouth. What it Did Next Was Surprisingly Painful!





“There is no greater love than that of a mother.”

As cliché as this statement may sound, we believe that this holds true not only for humans but for our animal friends as well.

We’ve heard stories of animals protecting their offsprings and of mothers that mourn when they lose their little ones.

Take this dog for example. Apparently, she lost her pup. So what she did was carry the lifeless carcass with her mouth and bury it in the ground.

Watch the video here:

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For us humans, this act indicates respect for the dead and love of a mother for her child. A lot of netizens perceived the act this way; they recognized compassion and were moved to tears.

However, some netizens argued that the dog buried the carcass not because it knew something about a proper funeral, but because it was hiding the body for later consumption. Dogs, as we know them, hide food in the ground, away from other dogs and vicious predators.

Well, what do you think was the dog’s real reason for burying the pup’s carcass?

Was it motherly love or survival instinct?

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