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A Mom Fulfills Promise and Adopts All 4 Daughters of Her Best Friend Who Died Of Cancer.

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Life is indeed full of surprises and it’s up to us to either see them as burdens or blessings. Let this story inspire and teach you why it pays to be kind, helpful and selfless.

When 40-year-old author, motivational speaker, and single mom Elizabeth Diamond died in April 2015 after battling with cancer, she left behind 4 young girls–Tara, Samona, Ella, and Lilyan. Elizabeth devoted her life to helping people and was also a proud board member of the Buffalo Wellness Center.

Elizabeth Diamond died in April 2015 and left behind 4 young girls.


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She was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer in August 2014 and was worried about her children so she asked her best friend Laura to take care of them if she dies.


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In August 2014, she was diagnosed with stage-four brain cancer. Elizabeth was worried about what might happen to her children when she dies so she made sure that they will be in good hands. She then asked her long time best friend Laura Ruffino to promise that she will take care of her 4 daughters and so she did.

‘As she started to weaken you can imagine the fears that I had for the girls and being without her,’ Laura said.


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‘She said if anything ever happens to me I want you to take my girls and I instantly said ok,’ Laura Ruffino told 7 Eyewitness News.


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After Elizabeth passed away, the Ruffino family opened their hearts and home to the 4 girls.


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It was quite a challenge and responsibility to instantly have 4 more members in the family but the couple accepted and loved them like their own daughters.


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Laura and her family opened their hearts and home to the four adorable kids soon after Elizabeth passed away. Accepting them as new members of the family is a big responsibility but it didn’t stop the couple to welcome the girls with open arms and love them like their own.

 ‘If something gets thrown at you, just accept the challenge and do the best you can,’ Rico said.

The Ruffinos did everything to make the four girls welcome.


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The family of four…


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Now becomes a bigger but happier family  of eight.


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The family of four – Laura, Rico, and their 2 daughters became an instant family of eight. There are challenges here and there – like meeting their financial needs – but the couple is trying their best to be good providers and parents to their 6 daughters.

The family has trouble asking for help since they have always been self-sufficient but the local community is coming together to help them readjust.


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The local community in Orchard Park, NY is coming together to give their support to the Ruffino-Diamond Family. A

YouCaring compaign has also been set up with the help of Buffalo Wellness Center which Elizabeth co-founded to help the family readjust. As of this writing, a total amount of $109, 053 has already been raised.

Elizabeth, Laura and Rico are helpful, loving, and kindhearted individuals so they only deserve to receive the same kindness that they selflessly gave to those who need one. Indeed, ‘You will reap what you sow.’ Faith in humanity restored!

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