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This Hot 19-Year-Old Lady From Moscow is Selling Her Virginity Online





These days, you can practically buy almost everything using the internet.

Can’t afford to go out and too lazy to pick up the phone? You can order pizza in just a few clicks. Looking for a hard-to-find collectible? There’s plenty of sellers you can check out online.

Well one girl from Moscow has a special online offer for interested takers – her virginity.

According to reports, this 19-year-old lady is trying to market her virginity via the internet.

19-year-old Linda claims she has been raised in a “strict religious family.”


Her ad reads like this:

“Hi, everybody! My name is Linda. I was born in the small town of Kamenka, that’s on the left shore of Dnestr, in Moldova. I was raised in a strict religious family. My parents taught me to be kind, sincere and honest with the people around me, and I’m very thankful to them for that.


I went to church, read the bible and even sang in the church choir. I really love singing. Everybody says I have a soft and enjoyable voice. I liked that life even though it was limited a bit: I wasn’t allowed to date boys, go to nightclubs or have any similar fun. Regardless, I was happy.”

She is now studying to be a teacher and is working as a babysitter at the same time.


Linda continued:

“As time passed I started thinking about my future: where I would study, live, or who would I work as. After talking with my parents, I decided to move to Moscow. Now I’m 19 years old. I’m on my sophomore year in university. I’m going to be a future math teacher. I decided to become a teacher because I really love children.

To pay for my tuition I have to work. I wanted a job that would bring me joy and currently I’m babysitting an awesome 4 year old.”

Linda asserts she has “all the documents to prove” her virginity.


She then concluded with this one:

“If you’re interested in my offer please write.

PS – I have all the documents that prove my virginity.”


As you may have noticed, no amount has been specified in the ad so don’t raise your eyebrows just yet. Maybe this is some sort of bidding or something? Given the girl’s photos though, some people are feeling skeptical about her claims because they say “no virgin would be willing to pose like that.”

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