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Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk Will Change The Way You View Cyberbullying

Just like Monica Lewinsky, everyone deserves a second chance….


Long before the age of social media, Monica Lewinsky, a woman once tagged as former President Bill Clinton’s other woman, became the first victim of online bullying.

For almost two decades, Monica chose to remain silent and disappear from the public. But with internet shaming becoming a mainstream culture not just in America but worldwide, the woman whose life was tremendously changed by this trend, decided to speak out against it.

In a monumental talk she gave for TED Talk last March in Vancouver, Monica discussed the “The Price of Shame”. The woman involved in a sex scandal with Clinton in 1998 talked about  how cyberbullying and online harassment affected her life.

Monica revealed:

“I lost my reputation, my dignity, I almost lost my life,”

For some, Monica’s TED talk revealed a different side of the once controversial lady. But for many, the message of her speech can be a powerful tool against cyberbullying.

Her message is worth 20 minutes of your time. Whether you’re the predator or the victim in this culture, listening to Monica’s TED talk may actually change your life.

Online, we’ve got a compassion deficit, an empathy crisis. We need to return to a long-held value of compassion.”

People like Monica deserve a second chance in life. Let’s all put an end to the public shaming culture.

You can watch Monica’s TED talk here:

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Woman In Her Deathbed Marries. After A Few Weeks, A Miracle Happened!

A woman who was told that her days are numbered married and received a great miracle!

Miracles happen everyday. It don't always have to come in spectacular presentations, as long as a small spark of hope has ignited one's life. But sometimes big events happen that can leave us hanging in disbelief; such is the story of Mandy Curran.

Mandy was in the brink of losing her dear life due to a case of internal bleeding. The doctors said she wouldn't survive, and that she has a few months to live. So when Paul Curran, her partner of 20 years, suggested that they get married right then and there at the hospital, she quickly agreed. Dubbed as "deathbed wedding," the ceremony was done plainly and swiftly, and shortly after, she was admitted in the intensive care unit.

Mandy and Paul Curran Happily Marry.


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Snowboarder Builds an Unbelievable Tiny House on Top of a Mountain.

He did something no one has done before. He built a tiny cabin on top of a mountain. Now watch the inside.

'He's always chasing the pot of gold, but when he gets there, at the end of the day, it's just corn flakes.'

This line from the movie 'Click' says so much about people who don't want to settle for less, those who want more--wealth, fame, a fancy car and a big house. It's a different thing for pro-snowboarder Mike Basich. After living in abundance, he finds solace in simple things like his dream home which is a tiny mountain cabin.

Inspired by these tiny houses all over the world, many people started living off the grid just like Mike. His life and craft has been outdoors being a professional snowboarder so he thought of building his very own sanctuary in the mountains. Named Area-241, his personal cabin is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains and roughly 10 minutes outside Truckee, California. The pentagon- shaped and 228-square-feet tiny house gets its electricity through solar panels and water from snowmelt.

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Guy Flies a Camera Over the Ocean. What He Filmed? Breath-taking!

This video will instantly make you a fan of the ocean!

Our Mother Earth is a beautiful wonderland that has got numerous breathtaking places. Everywhere we go in this world, there is a lovely creation waiting to be discovered. The ocean for instance, is a great example of a magical sanctuary. We found a video online featuring the vast ocean with a bird's eye view.

After watching this video, we couldn't believe how incredible the water and its inhabitants can be. What amazes us more is the incredible idea of the cameraman to shoot the footage atop the ocean. It truly captured the ocean in all its majestic glory.

Watch the video here:

What do you think of this amazing video? We hope were able to inspire you to appreciate nature more, and to prevent abusing our natural wonders. We are blessed with such a beautiful planet; let us not abuse our habitat and continue to take care of it as much as possible.

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