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Monica Lewinsky’s TED Talk Will Change The Way You View Cyberbullying





Long before the age of social media, Monica Lewinsky, a woman once tagged as former President Bill Clinton’s other woman, became the first victim of online bullying.

For almost two decades, Monica chose to remain silent and disappear from the public. But with internet shaming becoming a mainstream culture not just in America but worldwide, the woman whose life was tremendously changed by this trend, decided to speak out against it.

In a monumental talk she gave for TED Talk last March in Vancouver, Monica discussed the “The Price of Shame”. The woman involved in a sex scandal with Clinton in 1998 talked about  how cyberbullying and online harassment affected her life.

Monica revealed:

“I lost my reputation, my dignity, I almost lost my life,”

For some, Monica’s TED talk revealed a different side of the once controversial lady. But for many, the message of her speech can be a powerful tool against cyberbullying.

Her message is worth 20 minutes of your time. Whether you’re the predator or the victim in this culture, listening to Monica’s TED talk may actually change your life.

Online, we’ve got a compassion deficit, an empathy crisis. We need to return to a long-held value of compassion.”

People like Monica deserve a second chance in life. Let’s all put an end to the public shaming culture.

You can watch Monica’s TED talk here:

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