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MMA Fighter Gets Knocked Out, Gets Up, and Punches Referee

It was not his fault…


Perhaps you’ve heard about the MMA fighter who punched a ring girl after losing a match. Well, here’s another crazy MMA-related story and this time, it’s the poor referee who bore the brunt of the punches.

MMA fighter Frank “The Crank” Camacho was in the ring as the referee for a match on Trench Warz 20. One brawler received an illegal soccer kick in the head which sent him sprawling to the canvas. As explained by Camacho in his Instagram post, most fighters would usually stay down and cover their hands as if they are really in pain, which is a way to convince judges to call a disqualification on the opponent.

However, this brawler reacted differently.

He got up and started throwing punches around to show he’s okay, but apparently, the dude was still dazed and confused and didn’t realize that he was attacking not his opponent but Camacho the referee!

Watch the video below to see how it happened:

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Luckily, Camacho knew how to handle the situation. Instead of retaliating and hurting the poor fighter, he remained calm and clinched him to stop his flurry of punches.

If Camacho hadn’t kept his head, he would have hurt the fighter badly. Besides, he is a seasoned pro with 19 victories, 15 of them via KO/TKO.

Watch the video to get to know Camacho the fighter:

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A Public Candlelit Confession of Love Literally Goes Up in Smoke

Young love in the time of winter and fire extinguishers.

There is nothing a guy won’t do when he’s in love. Case in point, this guy got a little creative when he tried to express his affection to a special woman.

This is the story of a Chinese college dude who made a public confession of his undying love for a student at the Zhengzhou University of Finance. He went through all the trouble of laying out a ring of candles and petals in the shape of a heart just outside the dormitory of the university.

The setup of candles and petals for his ladylove.

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5-Year Old Boy With Terminal Illness Dies In Santa’s Arms: Truth Or Hoax?

“When you get there, you tell them you’re Santa’s Number One elf, and I know they’ll let you in,” Santa told the dying child.

It’s a heartbreaking Christmas story that unsurprisingly went viral on Facebook. Eric Schmitt-Matzen, a mechanical engineer who also works as a professionally-trained Santa Claus, was called by a hospital in Tennessee. A nurse said they needed him because they have a “very sick 5-year-old boy” who didn’t have much time left – and he wanted to see Santa Claus.

Schmitt-Matzen immediately rushed to the hospital and arrived 15 minutes later.

Source: Facebook

As he shared with Knoxville News Sentinel:

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Only Son Of China’s Richest Man Refuses To Inherit $122 Billion Business Empire

Now the father is looking for someone else to take his place.

China’s wealthiest man currently has a problem – his only son doesn’t want to inherit his $122 billion business empire. So he now has to look for someone else to take his place.

Dalian Wanda Group founder and chairman Wang Jianlin, 62, has publicly shared that his son Wang Sicong, 28, has refused to take over his businesses composed of shopping hotels, shopping centers, sports clubs, and theme parks.

In a recent entrepreneurs summit, Wang revealed details about it.The Chinese transcript of his speech was published on the Wanda group website and was translated to English by South China Morning Post.

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