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When Taunting in MMA Goes Horribly Wrong

This is what happens when you get too cocky.


Taunting or trash-talking your opponent before or during a fight has become a standard in boxing or MMA. It may be scripted or not, but you gotta admit it makes things more exciting.

It pays to know how to rile up your opponent; the most effective taunting can make him nervous and can mess up his game plan.

It’s all part of the game.


But if you’re going to talk trash, make sure you can back it up with your skills. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many fighters are guilty of letting their taunting get the best of them and they become too confident. This results to their opponents sneaking in a mean hook or a flying knee that will make the poor trash-talker kiss canvas and taste his own blood. Any fighter knows that all it takes is one unguarded moment and a perfectly-timed punch or kick to get or deliver a solid knockdown.

Taunting can backfire on you.

UFC 183: Silva v Diaz

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Check out this compilation of taunting gone wrong in MMA matches. It’s a reminder that you can’t get too cocky in the ring, even if you’re the best there is.

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Genius Kid Uses Lighter In Car Full of Laughing Gas. He Instantly Regrets It!

That dude is hot – like literally!

We all know that one mischievous kid in the neighborhood who seems to have a knack for doing stupid stuff. Sometimes, he ends up hurting others or himself in the process – the kind of act that will surely embarrass you to death if you were that child’s parent.

Well, thanks to modern cameras and online sharing sites such as YouTube, those embarrassing moments can now be easily viewed again and again.

Take this 30-second video, for example.

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15 Things You Say That Prove Toddlers And Drunk People Are Exactly The Same

This is too funny not to share!

Perhaps no other thing in the world is as cute as a toddler. With their penchant of saying and doing funny, adorable things, these tiny kids can pretty much melt your stress away if you spend a good time talking and hanging out with them.

There’s no denying, however, that parenting one takes work. A lot of work, as a matter of fact. Just ask any father or mother and you’d instantly get an idea what I mean.

Cute as they are, toddlers are also little irritable creatures. They do what they want to do and say what they want to say without regard of what others will think of them. They’d loudly talk about their poop in public or something. Much like your drunk friend.

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Funny Video Shows 3 Sumo Wrestlers Battling It Out On The Race Track

They should officially make this a sport. I’d definitely love to see more!

This epic video just made the world laugh with delight. Besides, it’s not everyday that we see three sumo wrestlers compete with each other – on the race track.

Yes, you read that right. On the race track. So instead of challenging each other on the squared circle as they customarily do, these guys engaged on a race trying to outrun each other.

This interesting match took place while the wrestlers were taking a break from their practice. It first hit the online world via a tweet by wrestler Masakatsu Ishiura. He posted the 18-second video on Twitter and it quickly went viral in Japan. Shortly after that, it gained countless likes and retweets from social media netizens across the world.

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