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Dog Missing For 2 Years In Disbelief When Reunited With Her Owner

Dogs surely know how to feel sad too when they get separated from their beloved owners.

We often encounter sad news about animal cruelty with dogs and cats being targets of abuse. Though they are considered as the perfect pets, some of us still manage to mistreat them. But not all people are equal. However, there are still many of us who has lasting relationship with their pets.

Once you fall in love with an adorable and pretty loyal dog, it might be very difficult to go through separation. A lengthy break up is what kept an owner and his dog sadder than sad for two years, but luckily, fate brought them back together again.

Paprika was separated from her owner two years ago.

This story emerged from Argentina. After over two years of being apart, a dog named Paprika found her way back to her owner.

Paprika was reportedly found wandering the streets as a stray. She was later dropped off at Arca Animal Refuge in Argentina. Silvia Ferreyra, a worker at the animal shelter, thought Paprika was a stray when she was dropped off to them. However, she looked very sad and depressed for a stray dog and they didn’t know what’s causing her to feel so down.

During her stay in the shelter, Paprika never found someone who would take her in. People came to the shelter to adopt puppies, making Paprika a forever boarder at the shelter. Furthermore, she appeared too sad, making it more difficult to find someone who would want to take her home.

Paprika ended up in a shelter and was depressed for a long time.

What the staff at Arca Animal Refuge did not know was that Paprika had a former owner who misses her to death. Ariel Naveira also felt lonely without her dog. Paprika reportedly went missing from home and Ariel searched desperately for her for a long time before finally giving up hope.

Thanks to Ariel’s mom who saw the photo of Paprika on Facebook, the dog and her owner met found each other again.

But in a fortunate event, Ariel’s mother happened to come across the shelter’s Facebook page where she saw a picture of the dog. She immediately recognized Paprika and reached out to the shelter to tell them that she was her son’s.

Paprika and Ariel are now together again and are inseparable.

Finally, after more than two years, Paprika was reunited with Ariel, but in a heart-melting moment, she doesn’t seem to recognize her former owner anymore. But once she smelled Ariel, she already knows that she’s going home. And a year after their sweet reunion, Ariel and Paprika has been inseparable.

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Scientists Hope to Clone 50,000-Year-Old, Preserved Extinct Cave Lion Cub Found in Siberia

Scientists are excited to further study the pre-historic creature.

The perfectly preserved remains of an extinct lion cub was recently found in permafrost on the bank of Tirekhtykh River of the Abyisky district of Yakutiaby in the Sakha Republic (Russia's largest and coldest region). Local resident Boris Berezhnov discovered the the carcass of an "unrecognizable animal" after a fall in water level in the remote river.

According to the scientists, the animal, measuring around 18 inches (46cm) in length and weighing almost 9lbs (4kg), was around one and a half to two months old when it died. Reasons for the death are still unknown. The animal was found with its head still resting gently on a paw. It is not clear yet whether the cub was male or female.

Experts say the remains were perfectly preserved, which is greatly helpful in studying the animal.


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Chimera Cat Gains Online Fame Thanks to Its Perfectly-Split Face

She is definitely the cutest thing on the Internet right now!

They say cats are men’s best friend next to dogs. They are definitely one of the best creatures on this planet. We all love how they look so adorable and cute, and it is as if they are born to be adored and worshipped. But in the case of Quimera, being called loveable is an understatement.

The animal is an angel that hails from Argentina but unlike any other cats, it has a bizarre look that is taking the entire internet by storm. Everyone is just falling in love with this feline creature's unusual features.

Truth is, the cat has the so-called Genetic chimera. It is a rare yet natural occurrence in which an individual is made up of cells from two different original eggs. Fused together, the cells form a single organism that has a DNA of two different entities....

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Prehistoric Shark With 300 Teeth That Dates Back 80 Million Years Caught Off Shore

A prehistoric fish was found off shore in Portugal and scientists assume it survived millions of years ago.

Even if the oceans are too wide, humans still get to see their ends with multiple high-tech water ships built for exploration. Going deep down under is what’s very difficult to do with the bottom of the seas still remain undiscovered.

Many sea creatures that lurk at the depths of the ocean are still unknown to us humans. But an interesting fish came to surface and scientists are studying what it is really like. The prehistoric shark is believed by scientists to exist since 80 million years ago was and it was discovered in the Algarve, Portugal.

A frilled shark was found off coast in Portugal


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