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Miami’s Financial District Looks Like An Ocean As The Storm Surge Flooded The Streets

These images and videos of Miami’s financial district during the hurricane’s wrath are terrifying!

Hurricane Irma’s wrath was felt by the residents in the Carribean and Florida. In fact, Miami’s once busy streets changed into a ghost town with flood waters everywhere, making the central business district look like an ocean.

Miami’s Brickell district, which is dubbed as the “Wall Street of the South”, was once filled with people from all walks of life – students, bankers, entrepreneurs, and employees.

Miami's financial district looks like an ocean amid Hurricane Irma's wrath.

Luxury seafront apartments and global banking firms were once the infrastructures people will immediately notice in this area. However, Hurricane Irma battered Miami and this place turned into an ocean of flood waters.

RT reported that one of its correspondents, Marina Portnaya captured photos of how the financial district turned into an ocean amid Hurricane Irma’s attack.

Portnaya said:

“The flooding in Brickell is beyond comprehension. The water is coming from Biscayne Bay – one block from Brickell Ave. It’s pouring over the sea wall.”

She added that even if the residents wanted to leave the area, there is no way they can navigate through the floods, which one Twitter user, Brian Entin, described as neck-deep.

The shopping centers were submerged into neck-deep flood waters.

The images of Miami during the hurricane’s landfall and attack are frightening, leaving people stranded in their homes and afraid to navigate through the streets with a deep flood.

The strong winds and a storm surge are not a good match.

This is terrifying, just like in the movies.

Store owners struggle as the water rises.

The central business district suddenly became a ghost town.

No hurricane has directly affected Tampa Bay since 1921. The area experienced storm surge flooding and extremely strong winds. This is by far, the worst hurricane experienced by the residents of Miami.

Here are videos of the flooding in the streets of Miami:

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Aerial Footage Shows Pyongyang, North Korea Is Suspiciously Empty

Is the country preparing for another missile test?

Judging from the footage we shared below, it looks like the North Korean capital of Pyongyang has completely been abandoned by its residents. This aerial video recently made rounds on social media and netizens have since felt suspicious about the mystery.

Aram Pan, a pilot from Singapore, captured the footage from his plane and we see a chilling top-view footage of an empty city. Aram is part of the DPRK360 project which aims to discover more information about North Korea by posting photos and videos online.

As you will see, Pyongyang practically looks like a ‘ghost town’ as its streets and public places are visibly empty. ...

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US Facing Teacher Shortage Crisis, Turns To Philippines For Help

The Philippines is an ideal country to hire teachers as they speak English fluently.

The U.S. is facing a nationwide teacher shortage that has prompted many schools to hire foreign teachers, particularly those who are from the Philippines. The crisis resulted as President Donald Trump planned to reduce the budget on federal programs that have been helping schools and teachers.

The shortage of teachers in different school districts is expected to worsen this year, as explained in a report by NBC News. For instance, Clark County school district suffered from a crisis of special education teachers that more than 81 teachers were brought from the Philippines.

The Philippines is considered an ideal country to hire teachers.


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40 Devastating Photos of Hurricane Irma’s Destruction You Wish Weren’t True

All of these show how truly scary Irma is.

Recently, humanity’s strength was put into test after Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and some parts of Louisiana. While everyone was still recovering from the disaster, a new one in the form of Hurricane Irma came. This time around, though, it was a lot stronger and larger than Harvey.

Irma’s arrival forced the entire Caribbean – and other states from the southernmost part – to declare a crisis. It reportedly destroyed at least 95 percent of Barbuda, Saint Martin, and the British Virgin Islands. Some people were stranded while others were left homeless. Even more, access to electricity, water supply, and phone service was impossible.

At the time of this writing, there were already 10 reported deaths caused by Hurricane Irma. Both Cuba and the Bahamas were already advised to brace for impact, while the entire state of Florida was advised for complete evacuation. ...

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