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Farmer Discovers A Massive Gemstone In His Coffee Farm – But The Government Seized It!

Mark Andrew





How would you feel if you discovered a treasure in your land but cannot have it for yourself? Furthermore, how terrible would it be if the treasure was taken from you and you ended up being apprehended for it?

This story is about Pham Van Chinh, a farmer who apparently discovered a raw 30-ton gemstone as he was extracting coffee from his farm in the Bao Loam District in Vietnam’s Central Highlands region. It turned out, however, that he did not report the discovery to the authorities as was required by the law.

Pham Van Chinh, a Vietnamese farmer, discovered a raw 30-ton gemstone in his coffee farm.


Source: Wikipedia

Eventually, Vietnamese authorities came knocking on his door and seized the massive gemstone. Bui Tanh Binh, one of the officials, said that the gemstone would first be analyzed before they took further action.

According to Vietnamese law, individuals who find valuable objects are eligible of receiving a large reward. They, however, are not permitted to sell them without obtaining approval from the authorities.

Van Chinh was arrested by the police and the gemstone was taken. He was fined for VND550 million (that’s approximately US $25,540) although no prison sentence has been mentioned yet.

Authorities eventually seized the find and Van Chinh was apprehended and fined.


As can be expected, the incident raised eyebrows and earned various reactions from the public. Some stressed about people’s supposed rights to finding such valuables. On the other hand, several experts took great interest on the find saying it is most likely a chalcedony, a gemstone type categorized along with the quartz class of minerals.

What are your personal thoughts about this? Was it right to apprehend the farmer, seize the massive gemstone, and fine him with a great amount?

Please share your opinion on the comment section below.

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