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Grandma Pranks Husband With Hilarious Water Bottle Coin ‘Magic Trick’





There is often this misconception that the older people get, the more serious they become. Sure, this may be true for some folks who obviously turn grumpier with age but we really shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations.

For example, we’ve previously featured some photos of old people who are still clearly very much young at heart. The funny and heartwarming pictures are clearly a testament that, yes, not all seniors are as serious as we think they are.

Now a viral ‘magic trick’ video posted on social media proves exactly that.

Marietta Spencer Tyks, a grandmother from South Bend, Indiana, is standing in the kitchen with her husband Tommy Tyks. A camera set up on the wall is there to record as Marietta says she will perform a ‘magic trick’ for Tommy. All she has is a water bottle, a coin, a towel, and, of course, some ‘magic words’ to chant.

Marietta, who is wearing a shirt that says ‘In guns we trust,’ then went on to show her magic. She placed the water bottle on top of the penny and then covered the bottle using the towel.

She explained that with her magic, the penny will go inside the bottle. After chanting ‘oogity-boogity’ and some other words, she removed the towel and invited her husband to check the penny – which is now inside the bottle.

And that’s when hilarity ensues!

Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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As mentioned, the video quickly went viral and the couple is just amazed with their newfound fame.

Marietta shared:

“We went to bed last night laughing about how funny it was, then to wake up and finding it went viral was crazy. I am so grateful for my husband [sic] great sense of humor and that he laughed at himself too. I love him dearly.”

Relationship goals, everyone. Relationship goals!

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