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Man Throws Acid On Wife After She Gives Birth to a Girl, Not a Boy





A horrific experience happened to a woman after her husband poured acid on him, as he gave birth to a girl. The man was reportedly expecting a boy, but things went south after learning the true gender of his kid. The incident, ironically, happened on International Women’s Day.

Siraj Biwi, 32, threw acid at his 25-year-old wife named Farah Biwi while she was asleep. The attack, confirmed by reports, was due to the fact that she failed to produce him a son and fulfill her dowry.

After failing to product a boy, Farah’s husband threw acid at her face.

Source: SWNS

Hailing from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, Farrah acquired multiple burns on her face, stomach, and hands. She is currently under treatment in the town’s hospital.

The couple has been married for more than eight years. Heck, they have even produced two daughters. Unfortunately, it seems Siraj wants a boy this time. The authorities are still looking for him, with the intent to arrest and charge him with grievous hurt.

Apparently, Siraj has been domestically abusing Farah since time immemorial.

Source: SWNS

Farah claimed that her in-laws started to target her after the birth of their first girl. However, the harassment intensified as time passed by and things had gotten worse for her. Siraj’s family would pressure her, while he would frequently ask for money from her parents.

When Farah did not give in, Siraj and his family started beating her. This violence even continued after she gave birth to their second daughter.

Even Siraj’s family would pressure her, and things would get worse after giving birth to her second daughter.

Source: SWNS

She was quoted saying:

I was trying to live with the daily dose of torture and thinking about the well-being of my daughters – if I part ways from the man, who would provide for my two daughters and myself?

Farah admitted that she never thought Siraj would do such thing. She did not expect him to go to the extent of “pouring acid” on her. She said that she would never ever forgive him for what he did.

Her elder sister, Nusrat Jahan, added:

Farah was married to Siraj, a labor contractor, eight years ago. However, for the past year, differences between them had arisen after he started demanding dowry.

Currently, Farah is recovering in a hospital.

Source: SWNS

The birth of the second girl severed as the trigger for the latest incident. It is worth noting that Farah is not the first woman to have been attacked in such sick manner. In India alone, there were around 300 reports of acid attacks on women (though the Acid Survivors Trust International or ASTI believe that the attacks are over 1,000).

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