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Man Goes on a Prank and Shows Us How to Treat Gold Diggers Like This Woman





Look, there’s no shame in wishing for a financially stable partner. No one wants to get stuck with a deadbeat mate who can’t pay for his share of the rent or can’t pitch in for the groceries. It’s all good. But there’s a difference between looking for a financially stable partner and becoming a gold-digger who’s all about the cash. Sadly, there are lots of women who will go out with certain men just because they are heavily loaded.

The woman in this video is one of them, but she learned her lesson big time. RiskyRobTV approached her and was attempting to strike a conversation. He asked her out for drinks. She wasn’t interested at first and practically told him to walk away and leave her alone. As he took a few steps away from her, his bag fell open and several hundred dollar bills escaped from it. The woman saw the cash and instantly helped him with his stuff and agreed to go out with him.

She practically told him to go away and leave her alone.

She practically told him to go away and leave her alone.

Her tone changed when she saw the cash…


So off they went somewhere…

…and it was the start of him teaching her a lesson that ended with a hilarious ending.

Watch how it all went down…

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