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Man Goes on a Prank and Shows Us How to Treat Gold Diggers Like This Woman

“Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…”

Look, there’s no shame in wishing for a financially stable partner. No one wants to get stuck with a deadbeat mate who can’t pay for his share of the rent or can’t pitch in for the groceries. It’s all good. But there’s a difference between looking for a financially stable partner and becoming a gold-digger who’s all about the cash. Sadly, there are lots of women who will go out with certain men just because they are heavily loaded.

The woman in this video is one of them, but she learned her lesson big time. RiskyRobTV approached her and was attempting to strike a conversation. He asked her out for drinks. She wasn’t interested at first and practically told him to walk away and leave her alone. As he took a few steps away from her, his bag fell open and several hundred dollar bills escaped from it. The woman saw the cash and instantly helped him with his stuff and agreed to go out with him.

She practically told him to go away and leave her alone.

She practically told him to go away and leave her alone.

Her tone changed when she saw the cash…


So off they went somewhere…

…and it was the start of him teaching her a lesson that ended with a hilarious ending.

Watch how it all went down…

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This ‘Dare To Fight A Ninja’ Prank Is The Funniest Thing You’ll Watch Today

It’s really refreshing to see pranks that are simply 100% fun these days

We’ve seen all sorts of crazy pranks here at EliteReaders - from the scary Killer Bee Elevator prank to the awkwardly hilarious Camel Toe Prank and everything else in between.

Needless to say, you can rest assured we’ll keep on writing and sharing about the most insane practical jokes we’d find out there in the interwebs. Besides, we all love to have a good laugh, right?

Well, this prank by ImprovInToronto has been so well-executed I was still laughing at the video by the third time I watched it. The scenario? A lone black ninja stood on the streets with a “Fight Me” sign. Things took a hilarious turn as strangers picked up the sword to challenge the warrior....

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An Old Woman Who Wouldn’t Let Her Husband Ride A Helicopter Didn’t See This Coming

Sometimes it would be better to let your significant other have a bit of fun no matter how pricey it can get. Here’s why.

We all know of how women can sometimes rain on their guy's parade especially when the men want to do something fun and it just aint happening because their wife or girlfriend didn't allow them to. There's no point denying it because this has happened to you too, that's for sure. There are a variety of reasons on why she thinks it would be an utter waste of time for you to go do this one thing, but more often than not, it’s because this one fun activity you have in mind costs quite an amount of money.

But what happens when this exact same reason backfires on them? The story below is a lesson on why sometimes, it would be so much better to let the men have their fun from time to time:

The helicopter ride.


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Prankster Dressed as Muslim Throws Bag at People in this Terrifying Bomb Prank

A man wearing traditional Muslim attire throws a bag at the people he comes across in this preposterous prank.


This year has been difficult for many people. Terrorist attacks have left many traumatized victims and the people who have lost their loved ones are still mostly grieving. In fact, the entire world mourned and an innumerable number of people who empathized with the casualties developed hatred towards the Muslims and everything they stand for.

Consequently, innocent, peace-loving Muslims were dragged into the chaos. Some haters threatened the lives of some of them because they are scared; they think every Middle Eastern man and woman are with the infamous ISIS.

Then this happens....

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