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40 Photos That Prove Roommates Are The Best… And The Worst!





Living with a roommate could be fun. Living with a naughty roommate? Well, that’s a different story. Sure, living with other people has its advantages. However, there are also those who will definitely make you want to live by your awesome, lonesome self instead.

From epic toilet pranks to creepy clown shenanigans, these savage roommates will definitely make your apartment life unforgettable. Check out some of the best roommate pranks compiled by Bored Panda below.

#1. An adorable mouse trap.

Source: mamb0

“My housemate said he was going out to buy a mouse trap… This is what he returned with.”

#2. Gollum in the bathroom

“Woke up, half asleep, opened the door to the bathroom and my heart dropped down to my balls. Well played, roommate.”

#3. Good luck finding it.

“Came back to College, one of these has a flash drive with my thesis on it. Thanks guys.”

#4. Good thing they’ll have fresh eggs for breakfast.

Source: jbreezy13

“For April Fools I decided to turn my roommates bathroom into a chicken coop. We live in an apartment.”

#5. I’d totally freak out if I woke up next to this.

Source: RWN406

“My roommate is a f*****g a*****e!”

#6. This will definitely bring nightmares to his roommate.

Source: mikejones84

“My roommate is afraid of clowns.”

#7. That’s a very thoughtful roommate.

“Made for my roommate.”

#8. That’s one scary mask.

“Bought a creepy mask recently. Friend wanted to borrow it to scare his roommate. He put this together before he left for spring break for his roommate to find…”

#9. That’ll take a while to clear without making a mess.

“1,350 cups and 200 gallons of water later, I think my buddy won his prank war.”

#10. Did someone call 911?

Source: SenRab0713

“Live with 2 girls who are afraid of their own shadows, left this in their bathroom for April Fools Day with the door shut.”

#11. That’s cute.

“Went to defrost the freezer. Seems my roommate has been having some fun.”

#12. A sold out one for sure.

“My roommate asked me to make signs for her garage sale tomorrow..”

#13. Creepy

“My housemate has to get up at 4am for a train.”

#14. Never piss your roommates.

Source: aaronmcc

“My roommate pissed the rest of us off yesterday, just waited for him to go to the bathroom.”

#15. This roommate will really make you want to just leave.

“Can’t wait till I don’t have roommates.”

#16. This is brilliant.

Source: silencesc

“Housemate did this to my door last night…”

#17. Tough luck

“There was ice in the bottom to give it weight. Gotta love roommates.”

#18. Unicorn!!!

Source: Mezziah187

“Lost my keys, room mate offers to replace them and I get these…”

#19. Let the games begin!

Source: R0sc0E


#20. Who wouldn’t scream when you have this in your bathroom?

Source: pwmthefirst

“Made this guy out of our housemates clothes and set him up in his bathroom. I’ve never heard a grown man scream so much.”

#21. This will not end up well.

“I got a mannequin. My roommates are going to LOVE it.”

#22. More Clowns!

#23. He found it! The secret ‘stache!

“My roommate moved out five months ago; only today did we discover his “surprise.”

#24. That’s a lot of newspaper.

Source: swag64

“We decided to prank my roommate while he was away for the weekend…”

#25. Nicolas Cage

“What my roommate woke up to this morning.”

#26. Had too much drink.

Source: iGhostship

“Roommate passed out early at a party…”

#27. I feel sorry for her.

Source: not_vulva

“Simple pranks are the best. I flipped my computer illiterate roommate’s screen orientation. She’s been IM-ing her IT guy at work with her computer upside down for the past 10 minutes. Dat look of despair…”

#28. When your roommates want to put you on a diet.

Source: Nkoppe1

“My roommates said they left me a slice.”

#29. Ya poopin’?

Source: Smartastic

“My roommate is 27 years old and this is how I find out we’re out of toilet paper.”

#30. Prank wars at its finest.

#31. Fit for a princess.

Source: urahooker

“Just got this key cut for my 6’6″, 250 pound, black male roommate.”

#32. Fair enough.

Source: freekyfrogy

“Left a romantic surprise for my roommate…”

#33. That’s creative.

Source: animaldoggie

“My roommate gave me the rent money today.”

#34. This means war.

Source: nolanmcclain

“My roommate’s pranks are subtle, but powerful.”

#35. Shark!

“My friend works at a movie theater and can take the cardboard cutouts. I have an irreconcilable fear of sharks. She decided to use her spare key privileges to terrify me beyond repair.”

#36. Slender Man

Source: SG804

“I came home from a hellish shift last night to discover that my roommate is an a*****e.”

#37. Creepy snowman

“We made a snowman for our roommate.”

#38. This is epic.

Source: VickysAsleep

“My boyfriend and I covered the bathroom toilet with cling-film to prank my housemate – who just sent me this…”

#39. Sausage party!

Source: twilliams9

“Prank revenge on my roommate.”

#40. His roommate is a genius.

Source: Lapoon

“I told my roommate he was putting the tp on backwards and then I find this.”

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