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Man Gives Cheating Girlfriend the Ultimate Birthday Surprise She Wouldn’t Forget

Probably her most memorable birthday – but in a very bad way!

Mini Malabanan





When an unidentified man learned that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he decided to give her a birthday surprise she wouldn’t forget.

In the footage, the man can be seen leading his “blindfolded” girlfriend through their house while singing the “Happy Birthday” song. He constantly reminds her not to peek as he leads her to a room where the big reveal would happen.

When they finally reach the room, the excited woman was dumbfounded to see all her belongings boxed up. Obviously, it meant she had to go and leave.

Puzzled by what she received for her birthday, the woman asked her boyfriend why he packed all her stuff.

“Coz’ I busted you cheating on me,” the man told his girlfriend.

Watch the video below.

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Unfortunately, the video immediately gets cut after the big reveal so we certainly missed the juicy part of the story.

The video of the big surprise has caught the attention of Internet users and has since made the rounds online.


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Two Guys Pretend to be Gay in Russia, The Reactions They Get Are Terrifying!

In Russia, even pretending to be gay have serious, inimical consequences.

Ann Moises



Many social network users celebrated gay pride by splashing rainbow colors on their profile pictures. This was in lieu with the United States ruling to legalize gay marriage in all their 50 states.

While most people from the LGBT community are ecstatic about the news, I guess some of them who live in countries where gays and lesbians are still highly discriminated, wish that their countries too, would do the same. Because the fact remains that in several countries, you can be persecuted for being gay and for displaying actions related to homosexuality.

Russia, for instance, has always been hostile with the LGBTs.  And although they have decriminalized homosexual relationships in 1993, the government still implement very strict laws against them. For instance, the Kremlin passed a law in 2013 that forbade gay couples from adopting Russian-born children.

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Americans Sign Prank Petition for Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike Against Russia

Although this was supposed to be funny, it’s alarming how all these Americans willingly signed the petition to nuke Russia.

Mark Andrew



Mike Dice does it again!

In the past, the journalist-slash-prankster made fools out of many Americans by asking them to sign fake petitions such as “I Support Illiteracy,” “I am a Zombie Who Does What I’m Told, Without Thinking,” and the campaign to “Add Soylent Green (or human flesh) on School Menus” for Michele Obama’s lunch initiative.

This time, the guy is back for another ridiculous petition that again earned a lot of signatures.

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Professional Skater Goes To Skate Park Disguised as 80-Year-Old Man

Watch Danny Leon as an old man on a skateboard own the Madrid Skate Park.

Grace Alviar Viray



Sure we've seen a lot of old people who have rocked sports through races, cycling and marathons despite their old age, but we've never seen one rock a skateboard ramp. It seems like old people and the skateboard isn't a good pair.

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