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While Doing His Job in China, Man Loses His Leg After Another Freak Escalator Accident





First, the Chinese woman who was swallowed whole by a defective escalator. Now, this.

After news of the Chinese woman who died when she fell into a defective escalator broke out, another accident involving an escalator occurred in China, this time involving a shopping mall cleaning staff.

The cleaning staff, identified only as 35-year-old Zhang, was busy cleaning and doing his daily duties in the shopping mall. CCTV footage shows that he was mopping the escalator rails when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Watch the shocking video below:

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According to mall authorities, the accident occurred due to a misoperation of the escalator.

This incident follows a series of accidents involving malfunctioning escalators in China. After watching this, one cannot help but wonder about the safety and quality issues of escalators being used in the country.

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Source: Huffington Post

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