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Man Catches Girlfriend Cheating In Bed With Another Man. So He Took Selfies With Them!

What a chill guy!


How would you react if you ever caught your girlfriend cheating? Well, men have different ways of dealing with that.

For instance, some of you may remember Neil Pudsey, a guy we’ve previously featured who planned an elaborate fake proposal with a brutal plot twist. Also, who could forget Nick Lutz, that dude who sent his ex-girlfriend’s apology letter back complete with grammatical corrections and a grade of 61/100? That was hilariously savage as heck!

Now another man is getting a lot of internet love after his epic reaction when he caught his girlfriend sleeping in bed with another man. In fact, BoredPanda and many other websites picked up on his story and it has since went viral.

Duston Holloway’s came home at night and found his girlfriend sleeping with another guy.

Source: Facebook
Instead of getting furious, however, Duston did the most unexpected thing ever – he took selfies with them!

Source: Facebook
He later uploaded the photos on Facebook and it went viral from there.

Source: Facebook

Duston wrote:

“When you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!”

“Good men deserve good women,” he also added.

Source: Facebook
According to Duston, he tried waking his girlfriend up but she was “drunk as skunk passed out.”

Source: Facebook

Since then, Duston has received tremendous amount of support from netizens all over the world.

Many praised him for his calmness and cool attitude.

Source: Facebook
Here are some of the positive messages Duston got after his new-found internet fame:

However, not everyone is impressed with what he did and some of them left negative comments as well.

Well if you ask me, I’d say the girl and her lover deserved something far worse. But kudos to Duston for being really cool about how he handled the terrible situation.

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