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This Luxury Underground Bunker Promises To Withstand Nuclear Explosion

It’s like a classy hotel but located underground. And is extremely secure!


If you’re a frequent site visitor, you know how much impressed we were with Colin Furze’s underground bunker. Besides, who wouldn’t be? It’s filled with cool features such as a party area, a flat screen TV, a few game consoles, a drum kit, and even some sweet superhero style weapons. It’s definitely the ultimate man cave!

It turns out, however, that the bunker is nowhere near the level of this one.

Available to interested buyers for $17.5 million, this is surely the classiest bunker you will ever see.

Up for grabs for $17.5 million is this fully-secure luxury underground bunker.

converted-nuclear-bunker 1

Located somewhere in Savannah, Georgia, this converted 45-feet underground bunker spans 32 acres of land and 3-foot-thick walls to keep you safe during natural disasters or terrorist attacks. It even has a weapons room and a modern CCTV system worth $100,000.

According to reports, the bunker promises to withstand even a 20-kiloton nuclear explosion. First built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1969, the place was eventually upgraded in 2012 to meet modern demands and government standards.

As Chris Salamone, co-owner of Bastion Holdings, described it:

“This property offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort.”

This bunker has everything to offer from these…


…To these.

converted-nuclear-bunker 5

So as you can imagine, this can be very comfy and secure because of its one-of-a-kind facilities.

Going underground, you’ll see that it looks more like a luxury hotel than a bunker.

converted-nuclear-bunker 6

And here’s the kitchen area:

converted-nuclear-bunker 2

Now here’s the communal area found in the first level of the bunker.

converted-nuclear-bunker 7

It also has a second kitchen:
converted-nuclear-bunker 8

Another communal area…

converted-nuclear-bunker 9

And a classy bathroom.

converted-nuclear-bunker 20

Of course, we also have the living room.

converted-nuclear-bunker 11

Chris Salmone added:

“We are living in an increasingly dangerous world. This property offers the ultimate safe haven for any family, business or government that wants the ultimate in security and comfort.”

You can also watch the video report here:

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Martin McDermott, CEO of the company and a counter-terrorism, surveillance and communications expert, likewise declared:

“This facility is impenetrable, while meeting the highest standards for quality, comfort and security. It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

So yep, it’s really pretty interesting. If I had the money, you bet I’ll be jumping on this offer in a heartbeat.



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