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Clever Dog Rings Doorbell at 2AM After Being Locked Out Of The House




  • A family was awakened when their doorbell rang in the middle of the night.
  • Since they weren’t expecting guests, they were worried that there was an intruder at their door.
  • However, it turned out to be their clever dog who was trying to get in the house after being locked out by accident.

How’s this for a clever dog story? A pup was accidentally locked out of the house all night. However, the smart pooch knew exactly what to do to get her owners’ attention. She rang the doorbell at 2:00 in the morning so they would let her in.

Chika is an adorable Labrador-mix pup who lives out in the countryside in McDonough, Georgia. Although she loves to stay indoors, the pooch also enjoys running around outside like any regular dog. Unfortunately, Chika’s owners didn’t realize that Chika was still outside when they decided to close their doors and call it a night. That’s when they were awakened at around 2 in the morning by somebody ringing their doorbell.

“Hello? Please let me in. I rang the doorbell.”

According to Chika’s owner Robert Fox, he was initially alarmed by the possible late-night visitor and immediately armed himself before going to the front door. However, his wife yelled out to him that it might be their dog trying to get inside.

Luckily, Fox’s wife was right. The security camera captured Chika pushing the doorbell with her paws and moving away. After a few moments, she returns and tries again. Fox shared the hilarious footage on Reddit.

Chika waits for her owners to open the door.

So why was Chika left out of the house? The owners say that she may have had too much fun playing outside and nobody realized she hasn’t come home yet. Fox says that the dog usually sleeps with their son and that he thought she was already in his room. On the other hand, his son assumed that Chika was still hanging out with his parents.

It’s a hilarious story with a happy ending. Fox has confirmed that Chika is finally back inside the house napping and he hopes that she won’t get herself locked out again by accident. In addition to that, there was no way for Chika to run away and get lost since their home is surrounded by a fence.

Watch the hilarious video below:
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