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Man Pranks People To Test Their Honesty, The Result Is Quite Disappointing





Oftentimes we are confronted by random circumstances in life that help shape us a person. Which side we choose–the greater good, bad or the lesser evil, all these things will affect us. Thus, we should be reminded to always instill goodness–humanity.

Meanwhile, a social experiment by Luxury Prank Productions challenged random strangers to find out how honest they are when they think no one is watching. As part of the test, people are asked for change of a $10.

But here’s the trick though, they actually handed them a $20 bill. Two women were challenged first. Apparently, they were helpful enough to change the money for the fellow but not honest enough to return the extra.

“Did I accidentally give you a $20 instead of a $10?” the man asked.

“NO. I only got a $10,” one woman said.

“I don’t think you did. I was watching the whole time,” one of them insisted.

They were told that it was filmed and was part of a social experiment but to no avail. The same challenge was given to other strangers. However, it ended up with the same frustrating and negative result.

Watch the video:

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The team was starting to lose hope until they saw a homeless woman with a sign saying “Homeless, Please help.”

They decided to do the test one last time and were surprised by the result .

Made my day. Sometimes, it really isn’t about how little you have but how big your heart is. Only goes to show that kindness is everywhere and humanity is not dead.

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