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Pink Challenges Netizens To ‘Go One Day Without Criticizing Someone’

She’s sick and tired of all the negativity online!

  • Singer-songwriter Pink has issued a worldwide challenge – go one day on the internet without criticizing anyone.
  • In the past, the pop star has been bashed by mom-shamers for her parenting mishaps.

Let’s face it, we’re all sick and tired of all the negativity we’re seeing on social media day in and day out. We often see a lot of bashing, bullying, and everything else in between. And we know it’s not healthy.

After becoming a victim of online haters for several times now, popular singer and songwriter Pink is taking a stand against it – and she’s encouraging everyone to do the same.

The pop star, whose famous songs include 2012’s “Just Give Me A Reason”, has had multiple experiences with online trolls in the past and that’s still happening today in her life as a parent.

In a recent Instagram post, Pink issued a “worldwide internet challenge”, asking people to “go ONE day without criticizing someone online.”

The 39-year-old celebrity also added:

“And if it feels good, hey, why not go TWO DAYS.”

Pink and her husband Carey Hart, 39, have two children namely 2-year-old Jameson and 8-year-old Willow. The couple have been relentlessly ridiculed online for their ‘parenting fails’ and so they’ve decided to limit posting photos of their children. In one instance, she has been bashed for posting a picture with their kids while her son was only wearing a shirt.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Pink shared how some netizens commented that child services should be alerted, all because he removed his wet diaper.

Despite her strong image and personality, Pink confessed that she “cried so hard after that” and has decided she wouldn’t be sharing photos of their children anymore.

Now she’s hoping people will take up her challenge and spread more kindness than hatred online. “I think it’s a long shot,” Carey wrote on Twitter, who said he’ll take on the challenge, “but I’m optimistic.”

Watch the Ellen interview here:

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