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What Lunch Time Looks Like Inside a School Cafeteria In Japan





Students always look forward to lunch time because it is their chance to relax and replenish lost energy. What students usually do during this time is find a good spot in the cafeteria, hang out with friends, eat, laugh, and play if there is still time.

However, in an elementary school in Saitama, Japan, that is not the case. Lunch time is also an educational period, where students are taught values no books could teach.

Everyone has a responsibility. There are those assigned to get the food from the canteen and serve classmates, and there are those assigned to clean up after lunch.

What’s more, the canteen serves food that the children actually planted and grew in the school farm. Amazing! In the video below, the lunch for the day consists of mashed potatoes, fish with pear sauce, five vegetable soup, and milk. The potatoes were planted by the sixth graders and everything is home-cooked and freshly prepared.

This video will surely make you think twice about the food your kids eat in school. In America, this educational video has started some heated discussion regarding the type of food that is being served in U.S. schools.

Watch the video here:

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Very commendable, right? People from all over were blown away by the amazing care and concern that Japanese schools show during lunch time. Aside from that, they let their students appreciate their food and encourage them to eat healthy stuff.

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