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Loving Husband Learns To Style Wife’s Hair After She Suffered A Stroke

Find someone who’ll love you the way this man loves his wife!

Mark Andrew





This video you will see below has been making rounds on social media – and it has touched the hearts of millions. In the said footage, we see a loving husband learning how to style his wife’s hair, all because she couldn’t care for herself anymore after suffering a stroke.

Taken at New Braunfels, Texas’ Foundry Salon, the video was posted on Facebook by Raigen Kelley. In the caption, Kelly wrote that Theresa, the wife, “can no longer style her hair herself” and so Andrew, her husband, “insisted on learning how to do it for her step by step.”

Andrew and Theresa have been married for 45 years.

Unfortunately, Theresa had a stroke 18 years ago and it badly affected her mobility.

Andrew learned everything “from products, to the way you hold the brush and dryer,” Kelley continued, describing it was “truly one of the best things” she has witnessed in her life.

Theresa preferred a certain hairstyle and since she could no longer do it on her own after the stroke, Andrew stepped in and learned it for her.

Apparently, it all began when the couple’s three children gave Theresa a salon gift certificate as a Mother’s Day treat. She liked the hairstyle but ended up feeling disappointed after she couldn’t replicate the look after showering the next morning.

Hairstylist Andrea Gomez taught Andrew the basics of hair care.

So Andrew went the extra mile by returning to the salon to learn how it’s done. Andrea, the hairstylist, noticed what he was doing and so she gladly helped him.

Meanwhile, fellow stylist Raigen Kelley filmed the entire thing because she was touched by the sweet moment.

In an interview, Andrew shared how grateful he was for Andrea’s tutorials.

“I just thought she was going to show me a few things with the hair blower, how to use it, with the brush and stuff too keep it with nice volume. And all of a sudden it ends up being a 45-minute lesson.”

“What an amazing man and what a lucky woman,” Kelley later wrote.

Watch the viral video here and see for yourself:

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This couple is a proof that true love really exists after all.

Steve, son of Andrew and Theresa, shared that his father never complained about caring for his mom despite her condition. In fact, Andrew took a job as a bus driver a few years ago since it allows him time to care for his wife come daytime.

Steve shared:

“He goes to work at six and gets off at 8:30, gets home and gets her breakfast, fed and bathed. They do lunch, and then he goes back to work from two to five, then he comes home for dinner … and takes care of her and gets her ready for bed.”


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