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Loving Bro Creates a Stunning Gown for His Sister’s JS Prom




  • When the school announced the date of his sister’s JS prom, Maverick Francisco Oyao worried about his parents cannot afford on buying or renting his sister a ball gown.
  • Upon his sister insistence, he decided to make her a ball gown from scratch.
  • Oyao first doubted himself if he can create and finish the gown on time, but thanks to his mother, google, and youtube, her sister flaunted the gown beautifully and elegantly.
  • When he shared this story, netizens can’t get over it and shared his good deed

It was lack of funds and making his family happy that prompted Maverick Francisco Oyao on creating a stunning ball gown for his sister who will attend her last Junior-Senior (JS) Prom.

Native and raised in Zamboanga, Philippines, Oyao wrote in his facebook post that he was first hesitant in letting his sister join her last JS Ball, knowing how expensive buying or renting a long gown. He said “maybe mama and papa could not afford it. where can we find the money to buy or rent a gown?”

But his sister insisted and made up her mind that she will join, explaining the fact that it was her last chance to join the JS Prom.

“I suddenly felt pity on my sister,” Oyao said in Filipino

To save on money, Oyao then first thought of hiring a dressmaker to create her sister’s gown. However, he learned that it is also expensive letting a seamstress customizes her sister’s gown.

Out of the blue then, Oyao, who is a Bachelor Culture and Arts Education major, decided to make her sister’s gown on his own.

“Upon my sister’s insistence, I decided to start my new mission”

He then browsed various designs on google and Youtube videos on how to create your own ball gown. He also took inspiration of famous designer Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer Collection. After researching, he then started conceptualizing his sister’s gown.

It took him some sleepless nights, dedication, and determination in sewing every piece together. He said, his mother also helped him finish the gown.

The gown is made out of royal blue satin material with a white satin ribbon criss-crossing all around the skirt. Oyao also sewn white flowers and beads to add accent on the skirt. He painted the white satin top with blue, with a hue of white and blue ombre. To give an elegant touch, he also attached a set of fin-like sleeves.

Oyao posted his obra in his facebook, and wowed the netizens. The netizens were stunned not only with his creation but how supportive and loving a brother he is with his sister.

“I promise that I will never get tired supporting you” he said to his sister in his facebook post.

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