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Girl Makes Dramatic Prom Entrance By Arriving Inside A Casket

According to her, she did it for an important reason.

While a prom is an opportunity for young women to showcase their best look, a 19-year old girl from Georgia arrived at her high school prom in a casket. Though her arrival gimmick may have given others a feel that the event was a funeral or a Halloween party, she said she did it for a purpose.

Alexandrea Clark, a 19-year old high school student from Americus Sumter High School, said that getting carried in a casket to her school prom was in no way an attempt to joke about death or to surprise the other prom attendees.

Alexandrea Clark has always wanted to be a mortician.

Clark said in an interview:

“I didn’t do it for fun, for a joke. I did it because this is my career… I did it because I want to be a funeral director.”

While some may doubt Clark’s claims that she did it out of her passion for becoming a funeral director, her volunteer works at her local funeral homes for the past several years prove the veracity of her statement.

In fact, the teenager is planning to attend Ogeechee Technical College to take her dream closer to reality, and funeral homes have already offered her financial assistance and internships.

People were definitely shocked when she arrived like this.

Though becoming a funeral director may not really be the most glamorous job to be aspired for, Clark maintains that she loves the idea of becoming one someday, and that she does not intend to become one because of money.

“I love what I do,” she said.

Seeing Alexandrea in a casket must have made other prom attendees realize that they could end up in one for real if they drank and drove that night .

Apart from showcasing her passion for the mortuary field, Clark also revealed that one of the reasons why she came in a casket during their prom was to remind her friends and classmates of what could happen to them if they drank and drive during that night: They could end up in a casket.

“I love my classmate[s] and I want them to enjoy life to the fullest,” she said.


Posthumous Award Finally Reaches Family Of Fallen World War 1 Soldier After A Century

Thanks to social media, the family finally got it back.

A Freedom Medal meant as a posthumous award to a World War 1 soldier has finally been returned to his family after more than a century. Thanks to social media, the piece of honor now gives his descendants a more tangible connection to him.

A.G. Hammond was only 24 years old when he perished on the Western Front during the World War 1. As a way of honoring his services and memories, he was awarded with a posthumous medal that was sent to his wife. However, for some unknown reasons, the medal ended in a field and never reached Hammond’s family.

A.G. Hammond was awarded with a Freedom Medal as a posthumous award after he died in World War 1.

Decades after the Freedom Medal was sent, the then 9-year old boy Mike Iacovelli unearthed it in their backyard in Worcester, Great Britain while looking for some hidden treasures one day in 1980. After cleaning the medal, the words "The Great War for Civilisation -1914 - 1919" and "A.G. Hammond" inscribed in it were revealed. ...

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Scary Encounters With ‘Zombie-Like’ Animals On The Rise in the US

Is the zombie apocalypse happening soon?

While there is no denying that apocalyptic zombie-themed TV shows and movies are popular nowadays, some people have come to assume that zombies may not be fictional after all. With several reported instances wherein animals have been spotted behaving as if they were dead creatures walking, is the zombie apocalypse at hand?

Several people from across America have reported encountering what is now dubbed as “animal zombies.” According to these eyewitnesses, the animals, such as coyotes, foxes, and others, appeared ragged and as if they had emerged from their graves, pretty much the same with how the human zombies featured on TV and in the movies look like.

Eyewitnesses across the U.S. have reported seeing animals behaving as if they were zombies.

"The thing looked possessed. He was hissing and showing his teeth. Rather than being scared of me, it looked like he was provoking a fight,” said Joe Evans of Ohio as he recalled his spine-tingling encounter with a horrendous-looking raccoon in his backyard....

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C***l Tourist Steals D***g Dolphin From The Beach And Casually Walks Away With It

Police are now on the hunt for this man.

Chinese authorities are now on the hunt for a man who took a dying dolphin from the beach, threw it over his back, put it in his car and drove off. The tourist in his swimwear was filmed casually walking away from the beach with the innocent creature hanging over his shoulder.

Witnesses say that the man found the beached sea animal but didn't help it get back into the water, according to marine patrol. Instead, the man picked the dolphin up and carried it away from the waters.

Beachgoers were shocked to see the tourist toss the poor dolphin over his shoulder.

Reports stated the incident happened on May 1 in Hailing Island in Guangdong Province, China.


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