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Couple Transforms Old School Bus Into a Cozy Small Home on Wheels

They actually combined their need for a house and their passion for travel.

  • Robbie and Priscilla bought a 1998 Thomas School Bus and turned it into a spacious home on wheels.
  • Renovation took more than a year and they had to deal with lots of difficulties.
  • The bus has an open floor plan and is equipped with a full bed, full-size kitchen, and a full bathroom complete with shower.

Gone are the days that every person you meet wants to settle down to a large house in the suburbs with a large yard and garage for two. Now people have lots of options when it comes to living arrangements and there are some who actually combined their need for a house and their passion for travel.

This couple with an insatiable wanderlust bought an old school bus and turned it into a lovely, comfortable home that they can actually take anywhere. This is tons better than a camper van since the bus has more space, therefore allowing the couple greater versatility when it comes to design.

Robbie and Priscilla, owners of the Instagram account Going Boundless, purchased a 1998 Thomas School Bus and spent a year and a half rebuilding it.
The renovation effort was difficult, especially since its mostly DIY.

According to the pair, they had to replace the leaking windows completely and had to deal with serious engine problem.

The new and improved bus was finally finished on March 21 and the couple immediately took their roving home on the road.
It has an open floor plan with a full bed for two. The couple made good use of the bed space by putting the washer underneath,
The full size kitchen is even bigger than some of the kitchens you will find in New York apartments.
There’s a pull-out pantry, quartz countertops, and a farmhouse sink.

The couple didn’t compromise on the bathrooms, a common problem among those living in mobile homes.

It comes complete with glass shower door, giant tiled shower with elegant brass accents, and privacy blinds.

They didn’t skimp on the tech either. The bus is equipped with air-conditioner, fireplace, skylight, LED lights, and backup camera. It can survive without an electricity host – there are six 360-watt solar panels and eight 315 AH Trojan batteries.

Now Robbie, Priscilla, and their cat Mr. Beebles are full-time on the road.

They are planning to spend their summer vacation in Alaska and Canada before embarking on a five-year road trip visiting every state.


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