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Heartbreaking Lockdown Song Poster in Kindergarten Class Shows What Our World Has Become





Children in their kindergarten classes should be learning letters, numbers, shapes, and socialization skills. But today, they’re also learning how to survive school shootings. A poster of a lockdown song in one kindergarten classroom in the US proves this.

More than 20 school shootings have taken place this year alone. Educators are doing what they can to teach young students what they have to do in case an active shooter enters their schools. They shouldn’t have to teach lockdown drills because children should be safe in these institutions, but that’s not the case.

Just recently, Georgy Cohen, a mother of a child who will be entering kindergarten in the next school year, posted a photo of a classroom she visited.

A poster can be seen hanging on the chalkboard, and it has lyrics to a song about classroom lockdowns during an active shooting. It’s chilling and heartbreaking to see the lyrics written in colorful markers. Cohen captioned her photo:

“This should not be hanging in my soon-to-be-kindergartener’s classroom.”

The song contains instructions on what children should do during an active shooting. The lyrics go:

“Lockdown. Lockdown.

Lock the door.

Shut the lights off.

Say no more.

Go behind the desk and hide.

Wait until it’s safe inside.

Lockdown. Lockdown.

It’s all done.

Now it’s time to have some fun!”

Cohen also revealed that her child had already been taught lockdown drills in pre-kindergarten classes.

Source: Pexels

Cohen’s post has gone viral and has sparked a conversation about children’s safety in schools. Many parents chimed in and expressed their concern and disappointment that children 5 years old and below have to learn such things. Cohen also encouraged parents to call their congressional representatives to advocate for gun reform. She tweeted:

“So I don’t have a SoundCloud but I, like most of you, have congressional representatives I can call to advocate for gun reform Or we can support orgs like @Everytown and @SandyHook”