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Little Girl With Cancer Celebrates What Could Be Her Last Birthday Party





A little angel just got her wings…

Lila May Schow just turned five years old. And like most five-year-old little girls, she enjoys wearing frilly dresses, tutus, Elsa from “Frozen,” and the color blue.

But Lila May Schow may have something not every five-year-old little girl has. Lila May Schow has cancer.

Lila May getting treatment in August.

0922 lila may6

Suffering from terminal Neuroblasma, a nerve tissue cancer, since she was two years old, the strawberry blonde child is pale and wan, with deep circles of exhaustion under her eyes. But that doesn’t stop her from smiling at simple joys that make her happy…

Because french fries are the best…

0922 lila may2

Photo credit: The Daily Pedia

Lila May is a veteran of six chemotherapy treatments that have wrecked havoc on her full head of hair, but she has continued flashing her dimples.

When she turned five, her family threw her an extravagant “Frozen”-themed birthday celebration, complete with a make-believe prom and a faux wedding, knowing this birthday could very well be her last.

Her fifth birthday party saw her dressed in her Elsa costume, blowing a fluffy blue-and-pink heart bedecked cake, and bonding with her favorite Disney character, Elsa.

Lila May blows her very last candles.

0922 lila may5

Photo credit: The Daily Pedia
Partying with Disney princesses.

0922 lila may4

Photo credit: The Daily Pedia

Her family, knowing she would never attend prom or even meet a boy, fall in love and get married, staged a make-believe prom for the little girl, and even a make-believe wedding, with her teary-eyed father standing in as the groom. After all, he would be the only man in her life now.

0922 lila may

Photo credit: The Medical Daily

Lila May also had one last wish: to dance onstage with American Country Music star, Luke Bryan, whose “That’s My Kind of Night” single happens to be the little girl’s absolute favorite. In fact, her mother, Heidi Hall reveals Lila May starts to dance each time Bryan’s songs are played on the radio.

Softhearted Bryan called her and spoke to her personally over the phone, and even sent over a personalized video message.

Luke Bryan called Lila May personally.

0922 lila may luke bryan

Photo credit: Country Rebel

Sadly, Lila May passed away on September 14, an ethereal, beautiful little soul who will forever be remembered by her family who misses her.

Watch Lila May Schow’s emotional birthday party here…

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H/T: The Daily Pedia, Country Rebel, Medical Daily, and Lila May

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