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These Teenagers Started Lip-syncing on a Car Ride, Then This Happened





In this generation of the internet and social media, a lot of people have joined the bandwagon in creating lip-syncing videos of the latest pop hits. Who wouldn’t? It’s entertaining, it’s cheap, and it even makes boring car rides fun. That’s what these four teenagers of Summer Break did: they had fun!

They lip-synced, danced and did cool moves to Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It”, until the teenage driver heard a notification from her iPhone, and the car just spiraled out of control!

Good thing, the video was just a PSA to help create awareness to all motorists on the dangers of texting, posting, searching, calling, or sending emails while driving. It is true: a glance to check out your phone may not be worth it.

“Keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone. You can help make the road a safer place.”

Watch this video and share this article to help save lives on the road.

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H/T: Reshareworthy, SummerBreak


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