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Touching Photo of Last Veteran Marching Alone In Parade Goes Viral

I just want to give this guy a hug!


Originally taken by photographer Aleksandr Petrosyan and uploaded on Imgur three years ago by Imgurian Korolyeva, this touching photo of a World War II veteran marching alone in Russia’s Victory Day Parade has recently resurfaced online.

The said image has been making the rounds on various websites and on social media lately as netizens have been moved by its simple but powerful message. As of this writing, the Imgur photo has already been viewed more than 2 million times.

The unnamed Russian veteran can be seen wearing several of his medals, holding a balloon and some flowers while wiping tears away from his eye.

This WWII survivor was the last man standing from his comrades. He marched alone in Russia’s Victory Day parade.

last veteran marching 1

Source: Imgur

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Quite obviously, the man served in the war during his young age. It simply means he spent his younger years fighting in battle, not enjoying his youth. Most likely, he has many war stories to tell and, knowing Russia’s history in World War II, those stories are probably not that pleasant.

It has been said that Russia has lost more soldiers in combat than any other country in history. So seeing this man walk alone in the parade may be a bittersweet moment for him. Sure, he may be grateful he’s still alive, after all these years, but the event might have reminded him of his painful experiences and fallen comrades.

Looking at the picture, Imgur users took their thoughts and feelings to the comment section.

LuckyTrouble wrote:

“That was an absolutely devastating war for Russia. Whether that man is shedding tears of sadness or joy at the celebration, he’s earned them.”

On the other hand, ober pointed out:

“No medal will bring back what was lost.”

Also, Thuperduper said:

“I just want to hug him.”

Here’s a salute for all soldiers out there who are bravely risking their lives for their respective countries. Thank you for your service!


Amazing Transformation And Story Of An Anorexia Survivor Who Is Now A Bodybuilder.

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That was her story years ago when she was still struggling from a serious eating disorder commonly known as 'anorexia.' From being anorexic, Nekonam was able to transform and turn her life around. The 25-year-old law graduate from Aberdeen, Scotland is now a fitness instructor and competes as a bodybuilder.

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Restaurant Owner Puts Fridge On Street So Hungry People Can Get Leftovers For Free

The world needs more of this! Hope other restaurants would follow suit.

Pappadavada, a restaurant in Kochi, India, has found a brilliant way to feed the hungry. Instead of throwing away unfinished food, the restaurant is encouraging their customers and other people to put leftover food in a refrigerator placed just outside their eatery. The food will then be available for free for hungry people to take – no conditions, no questions asked at all.

Minu Pauline, owner of Pappadavada, has called the fridge “nanma maram” which literally means “tree of goodness.” She started with the project in March 2016 and the unlocked fridge is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pappadavada restaurant placed a fridge outdoors so people can put leftover foods for the homeless.

restaurant leftover fridge 1

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