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Korean Guy Becomes Famous on YouTube For Posting Videos Of Himself Studying





Becoming a YouTube celebrity is certainly easier these days. If you look good, have talent, got useful skills, or just willing to do anything to entertain viewers, you have a good chance to garner thousands or even millions of viewers.

But this guy from Korea may have trumped all those hard-working YouTube stars. See, Bot-No-Jam became famous for posting videos of himself – simply STUDYING.

Yup, as in long hours of him reading in silence with minimal movement, speech, or even emotion. Seriously!

Bot-No-Jam first uploaded several videos titled “Study With Me.” These are not just short clips of him studying – these videos last an average of six hours per live stream or study session.

He only started his contant updates and live streaming on his channel months after he posted his first videos. According to Korea Herald, Bot-No-Jam is studying for a state exam so he can qualify to become a police officer.

You would think that no fool would spend hours watching a video of someone studying, especially long hours of live streaming. But amazingly, Bot-No-Jam has gained close to 350,000 followers and even made an appearance on Morning Wide, an SBS morning show.

Bot-No-Jam revealed during an interview that his YouTube name (which translates to “a robot with no fun”) originated from one of his old nicknames.

“People used to call me a robot when I was serving the military,” he said. “I expected nobody would see me just studying all day, so I added the words ‘No-Jam’ on my YouTube user name.”

Recently, Bot-No-Jam has added other content to his channel, including videos of him getting ready to go out and hitting the gym.

Being cute certainly helped Bot-No-Jam with getting followers. The young Korean has K-pop good looks, thus earning him a sizable fan base.

Twitter accounts were created for him, with one getting 4,200 followers.

People getting famous for posting live streams of themselves doing ordinary things is nothing new. YouTube has a handful of celebrities earning loads of cash by eating on camera. A woman named Park Seo-Yeon, nicknamed “The Diva,” earns around $9000 a month just eating while online. Viewers actually tune in to her channel, which is also a cooking show, just to watch how she eats.

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