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Korean Tourist Joins Italian Street Musicians In An Impromptu But Epic Performance





Music is a universal language that needs not be translated. It lives with us anywhere we go and creates a beautiful harmony that transcends all else. Proof to that is an impromptu and epic
performance of a Korean tourist Jun-Hyuk Choi and a group of Italian street musicians in Florence, Italy.

Mr. Choi was walking in the streets of Florence when he spotted a local band of musicians performing for tourists. He then asked the bass player if he could borrow his contrabass instrument and started snapping it soon enough. A double bass player himself, Mr. Choi knew just what to do which also explains the surprise glances from the band members. Not long after, they all jammed to a classic jazz that is “Autumn Leaves” and created a beautiful music that captured the hearts and ears of the crowd.

“In Korea, he played with four strings but there were only three [on the bass], which might make him play little bit hard but amazing,” the person who uploaded the video said.

It ended with Mr. Choi giving a handshake to each of the band members while being applauded and greeted by tourists and passersby.

Watch their captivating performance below:

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Well, it doesn’t seem to me that he hard a hard time playing or making music at all. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves especially the equally talented Mr. Choi. I guess this too is the best part of being in a foreign country, collaborating with strangers and being united by the same passion and purpose– in this case, being one in music. All for the love of music!

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