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TikToker Mocked For Wearing Metallica Shirt Shuts Down Trolls By Shredding Songs




  • TikToker Zaria Joyner has been bashed for wearing a Metalllica shirt, with some accusing she isn’t a real fan.
  • She posted two response videos showing her playing Metallica tunes on her guitar.
  • The videos later reached the legendary band who even took time to comment on her page.

In one of her recent TikTok videos, Zaria Joyner decided to wear a Metallica Ride the Lightning shirt. Much to her surprise, bashers started commenting on her post, mocking her for what she wore.

The R&B singer from Charlotte, North Carolina was told “you don’t really like Metallica” while someone even challenged her to “name three songs” from the group.

Instead of getting riled up about it, Zaria rose to the challenge and posted an epic response video.
She played riffs and licks from “Master of Puppets,” “Enter Sandman,” and “One,” three of Metallica’s biggest hits.

In the video, Zaria asked:

“So my response to you guys is, like, really? Only three? Only three songs? How ’bout I play ’em on guitar for you?”

In an interview, she revealed she’s actually a lifelong fan of the band.

“The first time I heard Metallica, I was sitting in my 5th-grade classroom when my teacher played Enter Sandman,” she reflected. “I was like ‘this is the best song I’ve ever heard’ and I asked her who the band was. She told me it was Metallica and a few years later, when I got my first guitar, the first riff I learned was Enter Sandman.”

Watch the video here:

Reply to @paytonnsmith I hope this video finds the #Metallica fans lol, not my best #guitar playing but that wasn’t really the point #guitarist

♬ original sound – Zaria
As if that wasn’t badass enough, she later posted another video playing “Battery.”

Reply to @davidgriffith970 too much reverb but u get the point. Comment suggestions and I’ll play for y’all #guitar #guitarist #metallica

♬ original sound – Zaria

Zaria’s videos eventually went viral on TikTok andthe story was even picked up by several media outlets. Naturally, she wanted Metallica to see her stuff.


Tag #Metallica on my last Instagram post also a bird shit on my arm 2day and my dad said it was good luck so don’t let me down #guitar #guitarist

♬ original sound – Zaria
… And then this happened!

The happy fan girl enthused:

“Metallica has always been in my heart. In fact, they have ultimately inspired my whole relationship with music.

“I actually cried when I read their comment on my page. They mean so much to me as players, and artists, so to get recognized by arguably the biggest band in the world and my personal favorite band was something that I don’t think a lot of people my age really understood.”

“Not only did they leave a very nice comment on my last post, but they followed me back on Instagram, which was surreal and incredibly overwhelming in the best way possible,” she also shared.

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