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Covid-19 Emerged In Italy As Early As SEPTEMBER 2019, Says New Research




  • A new research by the Milan Institute of Cancer and the University of Siena revealed that Covid-19 emerged in Italy as early as September 2019.
  • The researchers described the discovery as “an unexpected very early circulation” of the virus.
  • The new findings may “reshape” the pandemic’s history as we know it.

We’ve all known that the Covid-19 pandemic originated in Wuhan, China back in December 2019. However, a new study claims otherwise.

According to a recent research conducted by scientists from the Milan Institute of Cancer and the University of Siena, the coronavirus has initially been detected in Italy as early as September 2019.

Published in Tumori Journal, we learn that the group gathered information from blood sample analysis of 959 individual, which were collected from September 2019 to March 2020 for lung cancer screening purposes.

The research revealed that 111 people (which is over 11%) had coronavirus-specific antibodies although they were all asymptomatic. 23 of them tested positive n September 2019, several months before it started spreading in Wuhan in last year and officially became a global pandemic as declared by the World Health Organization in March 2020.

The researchers said it is “an unexpected very early circulation of coronavirus” adding that the discovery “clarifies the onset and spread” of the pandemic and may “reshape” the virus’ history.

In an interview with Reuters, study co-author Giovani Apolone shared:

“This is the main finding: people with no symptoms not only were positive after the serological tests but had also antibodies able to kill the virus.

“It means that the new coronavirus can circulate among the population for long and with a low rate of lethality not because it is disappearing but only to surge again.”

Meanwhile, an RT report added:

“The data from Italian researchers is particularly valuable, as it’s based on actual blood samples, as compared to the earlier, less conclusive findings that also suggested that the established pandemic timeline could be wrong.”

A The Sun article likewise pointed out:

“The experts said it was not clear how the virus reached Italy but the best theory was it was brought in by people who had travelled to or arrived from China in the late summer of 2019.”

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