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Knife Master Crafts Razor Sharp Works of Art in His Kitchen





Bob Kramer works in a kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is his domain, where he is master of all he surveys.

But Bob Kramer is not a chef. We aren’t even sure he knows how to cook. What he makes in his kitchen, however, will send shivers down your spine.

Bob Kramer in Vulcan’s workshop…er, his kitchen.

0922 bob kramer

Photo credit: Kramer Knives

Bob Kramer is a master knife crafter. After years of fascination with sharp objects (which makes for another interesting story we hope Bob Kramer will tell us sooner rather than later), he traveled the country learning how to make sharp knives, until he finally perfected the art of creating blades that would make the most finicky Samurai warrior proud.

Wicked sharp…

0922 bob kramer knife

Photo credit: Kitchen Knife Guru

But Bob Kramer doesn’t create weapons (although he could, given his talent). Bob Kramer is known for his kitchen cutlery. He is so devoted to his craft, it takes an average of 100 of his hours to create a simple kitchen knife to meet his exacting standards.

Bob Kramer has 25 years of knife craftmanship under his belt, having earned the title of Master Bladesmith from the American Bladesmith Society, and he is known for his artistry and old-fashioned crafsmanship using modern technology. All of his knives are made right in his kitchen, how his workshop.

You'd hesitate to use these collectors' items in your kitchen.

0922 bob kramer knife

Photo credit: Kramer Knives

After inking an agreement with well-known German knife manufacturer brand, J.A. Henckels, he created a Bob Kramer line using high carbon steel and stainless steel. Made with broad handles like a German blade, it is as thin as Japanese-made ones (think Ginsu). One kitchen knife alone will set you back $300!

Good for chopping up veggies. Or attacking a home intruder!

0922 bob kramer knife2

Photo credit: Kitchen Knife Guru

Wicked-edged with super-fine grain structure, and tough enough to cut anything, Bob Kramer’s knives eventually develop a patina as they age, giving them a vintage appearance.

Would you shell out $300 for a Bob Kramer blade?

Here’s the master at work. Watch the video and you’ll see why.

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