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Doctors Surgically Remove 40 Knives from an Indian Man’s Stomach

He said he just had the urge to swallow knives. Yep, all 40 of them.


Yep, you read that right. An Indian man just decided to swallow knives. All 40 of them. In a span of two months, the Indian man swallowed a total of 40 knives.

Doctors surgically removed from the man’s stomach different types of cutlery, of which some even measured over seven inches long.

According to the attending physician Dr. Jatinder Malhotra, the man was suffering from a mental disorder and is now receiving treatment. Further commenting on the issue, Dr. Malhotra said,

“In my 20-year career, and in all the medical literature that we checked, there has never been a case like this one, where a person has swallowed not one, but 40 knives.”

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The man sought medical help two weeks prior complaining of abdominal pain. Doctors thought the patient had a tumor because his endoscopy result revealed a mass in his abdominal area. However, the doctors who operated on him got the shock of their lives when they pulled out knives from his abdomen.

The patient is now recovering from the surgery in a hospital in Punjab.

Source: Los Angeles Times


Russian Girl Takes the Most Dangerous Selfies on Top of Skyscrapers!

Anyone afraid of heights out there? If you are, you might want to hold on to something before checking out this girl’s selfies!

Anyone afraid of heights out there? If you are, you might want to hold on to something before you scroll down!

Meet Angela Nikolau, a seemingly regular Russian girl who, like most women around her age, has a knack for posting numerous selfies on her Instagram.

However, the really catchy thing about Angela is the fact that her selfies aren't your regular OOTDs and #WokeUpLikeThis selfies. Her selfies would make anyone who's afraid of heights want to squirm.

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They Built a Supersized Capital, Six Times Larger Than New York City. But Nobody Came!

Have you ever wanted to visit a perfectly maintained yet completely empty city? Better book that ticket to Naypydaw!

You might be thinking that this abandoned city is filled with nuclear waste, riddled with radiation or worse, haunted. But in reality, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this city; rather, it's just a victim of change.

What's in this city that people are so adamant to avoid?


Naypydaw is a huge city that spans about 4,800 square kilometers. Its giant boulevards have up to 20 lanes, and they're said to have been designed to allow air crafts to land on them. And these roads even have carefully pruned shrubbery.

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Romantic Man Made His Dream Girl’s Corpse Into a Doll and Slept With it For Years

He kept his true love close to him even after death. Literally.

They say true love never dies. The memories continue to live on even after the other half parts ways with the world.

Not in the case of Carl Tanzler, however. He wasn’t content with simply a memory; he kept the corpse of his beloved at close hand for nearly 10 years.

Carl Tanzler, a.k.a. Dr. Carl von Cosel.


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