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Man Had No Idea Knife Was Lodged In His Chest For A Year




  • Kent Ryan Tomao of Kidapawan City, Philippines had to get an X-ray for his job application.
  • He was later shocked to find out that he had a 4-inch knife inside his body.
  • Apparently, Kent was stabbed a year ago and doctors fixed his wound but did not remove the metal weapon.

A 25-year-old man from the Philippines made a surprising discovery after getting an X-ray just recently: he had a 4-inch knife lodged in his chest!

According to reports, Kidapawan City reisdent Kent Ryan Tomao was stabbed by a group teenagers 14 months ago as we was heading home. He almost died but fortunately, he was rushed to a local hospital after the attack. His wound was sewed up and he was given painkillers.

Fast forward to the present, Kent had to undergo an X-ray as a requirement for a job and he discovered that the weapon is still inside his body – and is, in fact, just several inches away from his lungs.

Kent confessed he has “always wondered” why he often experiences chest pain during colder months.

“I had no idea there is a knife in my chest,” he shared. “The pain was never bad enough to even go to see a doctor. I just waited for the pain to pass. Now I’m relieved that I know the real problem.”

Understandably, he’s angry about the medical personnel who attended to him the first time.

“The doctors did not check my wounds properly last year so I believe they are partly at fault about what happened,” Kent pointed out.

For now, he has no plans of suing them but wants them to help him out so he can proceed with his job application for a mining company in Agusan Del Sur.

“They should fix this,” he said. “I will not press charges. I just want them to remove the knife so I can start working in my new company.”

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