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Amazing Detailed Process On How This Bolt Was Turned Into A Teeny Beautiful Hunting Knife





Youtuber Bobby Duke showed amazing craftsmanship when he made a Legionnaire Bowie knife out of a 2-dollar stainless steel bolt from Lowes. And while the original dagger can slyly fit Sylvester Stallone‘s hand (as featured in the movie Expendables 2), Bobby’s version can only fit your finger, at the most. Teeny but awesome.

Bobby, who is a cement truck driver on weekdays and an artist on weekends, detailed the process of making the miniature hunter knife through a step-by-step video he uploaded on his Youtube channel. It has amassed over 21 million views to date.

The video opens with Bobby kneeling over a rack of steel bolts before viewers are transported to his work area.

Source: YouTube

He then cuts the edges of the bolt’s head until round and smooth. He applies heat afterwards and forges the bolt to take the shape of a knife’s blade.

Bobby then brings out a cut-out of the Bowie knife he intends to make which is also the actual size of his miniature.

Source: YouTube

Using the cut-out as a pattern, he put markings on the now flattened bolt and begins to work on the details of the knife’s spine and cutting edge.

It now looks strikingly the replica it aims to be, only smaller.

Source: YouTube
Bobby proceeds to shape the bolster and the handle.

Source: YouTube

He was meticulous and precise in designing his mini-Bowie, a close-up shot reveals how it looks exactly like the original. Even the tang and the rivets were defined and accurate.

He then hones the blade and shaves the hair on his arm to prove its sharpness.

Finally, the mini knife is put inside a brown leather sheath, the latter as real as it can get.

The video was satisfying to watch because apart from the amazing workmanship, the artist also displayed his lighter side by staging quirky facial expressions and action music in the background. Obviously, Bobby enjoyed every bit of it. No sweat.

It takes huge creativity to create such a small masterpiece.

Source: YouTube

Stallone will be proud of you.

Check the full video below and visit Bobby Duke’s Youtube channel for more jaw-dropping artworks.

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