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Kind Man Buys Turtles in Food Market and Releases Them into the Sea

In doing so, he saves not only the turtles but us humans too.


Almost all types of sea turtles are now in danger of extinction as many countries consent to marine turtle fishing. They are sold in local markets and slain for their meat, skin, eggs, and shells. Apparently, many people have a taste for turtle meat and eggs while others use them for medicine and religious rites.

So, when Aaron Culling and his colleague, Mark found a pair of sea turtles on sale at a local food market in Papua New Guinea, they didn’t hesitate in purchasing the animals for 50 bucks.

But, instead of making themselves some tasty turtle soup or some other exotic dish from its meat, Aaron drove 5 km towards the direction of a beach. There, he released the turtles back to the ocean.


On his Facebook page, Aaron wrote, “Found these at a local market. Got them for 50 bucks, drove 5km up the road and let them go.”


Aaron has been buying sea turtles and returning them back to the sea. So far, he has rescued at least 10 of these animals already.


Sea turtles have lived here on earth longer than many of us have. They travel the seas and help maintain the health of seagrass beds and coral reefs, in which many ocean species rely on for food and shelter. Without a doubt, they play a fundamental role in keeping the marine ecosystem in balance. And if we still want to enjoy lobster, shrimp, tuna, and other sumptuous seafood dishes, we better do our part in keeping their natural habitat and the creatures that protect them, safe.


Fortunately, there are a few very exceptional people who exert their time, effort, and even money to fight for the safety and preservation of valuable yet endangered animals like sea turtles. Aaron Culling and Mark are surely one of them.


Man Straps GoPro on His Dog to See What it Does When it’s Home Alone

GoPro gave him a glimpse of what his dog’s day was like without him.

Have you ever wondered what your dog does whenever you leave him or her at home alone? Surely they don’t turn the music or the television on during those long, lonely hours or cook food for you while they’re at it. And if your beloved pet had already passed that stage of rowdy behavior; tearing down your couch and pillows and turning vegan with your houseplants---then it’s all the more intriguing.

Mike the Intern wanted to find out what his loyal, four-legged best friend does on his alone time. So, he strapped a GoPro on his dog and later uploaded the video on his YouTube channel. People have been securing the amazing equipment on various animals to enable them to “see” things and places from a different perspective.

And as for Mike, well, he found out how his dog felt, and it’s heartbreaking.

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Which Side of Your Brain is Dominant? Take This Simple Test to Find Out!

Are you a left-brain or a right-brain thinker?

Have you ever heard of the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance?

The Left-Brain Right-Brain Theory suggests that one side of the brain is dominant over the other and that each side controls different types of thinking. According to this theory, a person with left-brain dominance is more analytical, logical, and objective while a person with right-brain dominance is more thoughtful, intuitive, and subjective.

Ultimately, it is said that the dominant side of our brain greatly influences our thinking and determines our inclination towards certain interests.

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This Simple Test Will Reveal Your Strongest Mental Ability!

What is your strongest mental ability?

Are you curious as to how your mind works? What influences the decisions that you make and the actions that you take?

Are you guided by logic, empathy, abstract thinking, or cosmic awareness?

The simple test below will reveal your strongest mental ability. Just answer the fascinating questions that we have for you and be surprised with the results!

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