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Lockdown Turns Sea In UK Into A Tropical Paradise

“We’ve never, ever seen the water look this clear before, it’s lovely.”

Susie Steck




  • Aerial photographs of United Kingdom’s coastline showed a change in color during the country’s national lockdown.
  • The sea of Solent in Portsmouth, England turned from murky to a turquoise azure blue paradise.
  • People believe that the change in color was because pollution levels fell during the coronavirus pandemic.

Aerial photographs of the UK’s coastline have recently been taken during the months-long national pandemic lockdown. Through drone shots, Solent Sky Services showed the murky water of Solent sea in Portsmouth have actually turned into a turquoise azure blue paradise.

Some people believe that the stunning view is due to less people and industry polluting the sea. Due to fewer leisure activities, the Solent sea now looks way different than before.

The Solent before Coronavirus

Mike Woods, the owner of Solent Sky Services, said:

“There has been a lot of talk about the color of the water in the area and I think the perception is, nature is thriving.”

The Solent is a major shipping location for passenger, freight and military ships or vessels. It is also an important water sports recreational area, particularly for sailing or yachting. Other water sports held in the area include dinghy sailing, power boating, paddle sports, windsurfing, sea angling, kite surfing, rowing, sub-aqua, and water skiing.

On weekends, tourists and locals visit Solent to enjoy sun bathing or swimming.

The Solent during the Coronavirus lockdown

Since the social distancing measures have been implemented, the UK government has stopped activities in the area.

Woods shared the water now looks clearer and more colorful than usual because the sea has been left undisturbed.

“It’s beautiful to see it and it looks like you are in a different country down there, it really does. It’s phenomenal,” Woods said.

From the normal grey murky color, the Solent now look like a tropical paradise with azure blue color. However, scientists said that it is unlikely to clear out all pollution in just weeks of human inactivity.

Scientists explained that the color of the water is “influenced largely by the amount of red and blue light” from the sun and that the sea absorbed majority of red light. The blue light on the other hand, changes the hue depending on the particles beneath the sea.

To explain it further, “the more particles, the darker and murkier the water will appear”.

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