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Rescuers Use Recycled Bra Clasps To Fix Turtles’ Broken Shells

Who knew bra clasps can be extremely helpful?

  • Brilliant animal rescuers have found a way to save turtles by fixing their broken shells.
  • An Iowa-based wildlife organization has found bra clasps as the perfect materials.
  • Bra fasteners, zip ties, and marine epoxy can save a turtle’s life.

Turtles are cute and most people keep the small ones as their pets. Loved, looked after, and cared for. But what about those in the wild? 

Recently, one organization dedicated to saving wildlife posted on Facebook that they are in need of bra fasteners and zip ties. Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary came up with the idea that your everyday household items can be recycled to save a life. 

Let’s check a few facts about turtle shells to help you catch up. 

  1. The top part of the shell is called a carapace. 
  2. The belly part is called the plastron.
  3. The side that keeps the upper and the lower part is called the bridge.
  4. The shells are meant to protect the turtle
  5. The inner layer of the shell is made up of around sixty bones, which includes their ribs, backbone, and breastbone. 

Some turtles are not so lucky and might get involved in accidents, like fire, speedy cars, or contract diseases such as fungal or bacterial infections. These may cause the shells to break, which would then endanger the creature’s life. But luckily, a non-profit organization based in Iowa found a way to mend the broken shells. 

Tracy Belle, director of Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary, said that they have rescued a turtle with a cracked shell. So she used what she had at that time to have the little fella fixed up. She used old bra fasteners, zip ties, and marine epoxy to keep the shell together. 

On Ju e 25, they posted on Facebook asking for unused bra fasteners and zip ties and donations started to flood in. In just a couple of weeks or so, an update was posted thanking everybody who helped spread the news and those donated. Even after posting their gratefulness, they continue to receive donations and had to formally post an advisory that they do not need more.

Wildthunder Wildlife & Animal Rehabilitation & Sanctuary received not only bra fasteners and zip ties. Many concerned individuals who donated might have been misinformed. The organization received more than just fasteners but discarded bras too! They have more than what they need and donated the bras to a homeless youth shelter and domestic violence shelter instead.


Clever Guy Takes Life-Sized Cutout Of Late Mother To Attend His Graduation

He made sure she would be with him on that special day!

  • A young man wanted his late mother to be a part of his graduation ceremony although his mom passed away in 2016.
  • He came up with a clever idea to create a life-sized cutout of his mother and brought it to the event.
  • People couldn't help but praise the young graduate for his awesome idea that honored his mom.

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A Day After Losing His Dad, 6-Year-Old Boy Sells Lemonade So He Can Take His Mom On Date

What a wonderful kid!

  • Brady Campbell, 6, of Stapleton, Colorado has been selling lemonade outside their home.
  • Much to his buyers' surprise, they learned he's doing it to raise money so he can take his mom on a date.
  • The young gentleman, who has lost his dad to cancer, has since touched the hearts of many in the community.

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3-Year-Old Explains To Mom What Forgiveness Is In 25 Words

Sometimes, beautiful truths come from children.

Forgiveness is not always easy. And while the act of forgiving someone for an offense can bring peace to the offended, many adults still find it difficult to grasp the concept of letting go of anger after being wronged. Many books about how to forgive and let go of anger and resentment in your hearts may have been written, but who knew that it can just be summarized into 25 words by a preschooler?

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