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Turns Out This ‘Unfaithful’ Husband Only Wanted To Become A Woman – Now They’re Still Together As A Same Gender Couple!


Kelly and Warren Allen have been married for 11 years. Together, they have two children namely Molly and George, who are 8 and 10 years old.

They have always been a happy family until one day, Kelly discovered a lipstick in his van. On top of that, Warren has been becoming very secretive and won’t let her see his phone.

Naturally, she began feeling suspicious that her husband may be having a secret affair. Much to her surprise, however, that wasn’t actually the case.

Apparently, Warren identifies as a woman and has been keeping it to himself ever since he was a teen.

He finally decided to confess when his wife confronted him. Plus he admitted he’s been planning about getting a gender reassignment surgery and he’s been searching about it online. And he wants to change his name to Zoey.

Relieved that Warren wasn’t cheating, Kelly said that she loved him so much and doesn’t want to lose him. So they decided to stay in the relationship , this time as a same gender couple. And now they’re planning to tie the knot again, with both of them wearing wedding dresses.

Although initially shocked by the confession, Kelly said she felt bad for “being selfish,” especially since the secret has been making Warren feel miserable.

Kelly shared:

“I know it sounds shocking that my husband is now becoming my wife but we’re happy. It would have been far worse if he’d said he was having an affair. That would have destroyed our family. But this way we’re still happily together.”

Meanwhile, Zoey reflected that she was “risking everything” when she made the decision to tell Kelly and was scared she’d lose her and the kids.

“I’m lucky because our relationship is now stronger than ever,” Zoey said.

While it was initially a tough pill to swallow, Kelly emphasized that she realized how much she “loved the person, not the gender” and so she stayed with the relationship.

As for the kids, they’ve been no less than supportive, according to the couple. Molly, their daughter, simply beamed a smile and said “if that’s what makes her happy.”

The couple is hoping to get married after Zoey’s done with her reassignment surgery, which may require 3 to 4 years.

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