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Maggots Ate This Dog’s Face As He Waits To Die in A Hole. Watch His Amazing Recovery!

Grab some tissues and be ready for Kalu’s rescue story.


A stray dog in India had given up hope in life that he decided to find a pit where he could stay hidden from the rest of the world until his death. What’s horrifying about his case is that his face is missing.

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Rescue organization Animal Aid Unlimited found the dog they named Kalu at a construction site with his face infested with maggots. The open wound also exposed a portion of his skull, that you can’t help but wonder how in the world he managed to survive his ordeal.


Kalu decides to retreat to a hole until he dies.

kalurescue 1

Rescuers found him…

kalurescue 2

Kalu’s dreadful condition made the rescuers think that there’s no other choice left but to put him down.


But there’s just something about Kalu that made the group believe he deserves a second chance. So the rescue group began treating what they consider as the “most heartbreaking wound” ever.

They killed the maggots, applied bandaged to his entire face and sedated him to thoroughly clean the facial surface.

kalu wound

As you can see in the picture, Kalu’s eyes seem to have disappeared.

kalu sedated

Three days after he was picked up and treated, Kalu ate his first meal.

kalu first meal

Little by little, Kalu’s condition improved.

kalu improved 1

On the fifth day, one eye surprisingly appeared!

kalu eye

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More cleaning and bandaging of his face… Kalu’s treatment went on for three months.

kalu 4

And then . . . THIS!

happy kalu

Boy does he have a sweet face!

kalu improved 2

Look at that smile. . . he looks genuinely happy!

kalu face 1

Here’s Kalu with his new friends!

kalu friend 1

kalu friend 2

Watch this video to know more about Kalu’s story.

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Kalu’s amazing recovery tells us that there’s always hope in life and that there are always kind hearts ready to give animals like him a second chance.

Help Animal Aid Unlimited carry out more rescue operations by donating today.



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