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Julia Roberts’ Aging ‘Holes’ Headline Typo is Both Awkward and Hilarious

Don’t you just wish your ‘holes’ age as gracefully?

Margaret Tionquiao





We all make mistakes and that’s a fact of life. But when a ‘leading’ newspaper the size of The Post-Journal makes one, it’s bound to create a different story — especially if it involves a well-known star like Julia Roberts.

An upstate newspaper called The Post-Journal may just have snagged what could have been the ‘typo of the year’ award with their latest story about Julia Roberts.


The story definitely made the Internet roar with laughter because of its title: “Julia Roberts Finds Life And Her Holes Get Better With Age.” The article has but one wrong letter, which quickly went viral.

The local newspaper already made corrections and clarified that it intended to use the word “role” rather than hole. But well, the damage has been done, so to speak.



The word “roles” would have made the article interesting, but when the most unfortunate typo slipped through, the entire story not only caught the interest of the online community, it also brought sympathy for Julia and laughter for the others. It made more than one person laugh, that’s for sure.

Journalist Neil McMahon even shared his thoughts on the awkward typo.



This is not the first time, and it definitely won’t be the last. But it pays to remember that a quick final sweep can go a long way. Just look at this one:




Either way, this seems like a good news. Don’t you agree, Julia?

Meanwhile, one netizen even hinted envy at the celebrity, jokingly commenting:

“This is why she’s a movie star. My holes have only gotten worse with age.”

With holes that age gracefully, who wouldn’t? It certainly isn’t surprising that she’s the ‘Pretty Woman’ no one forgets.


7 Celebrity Couples Who Met Online

#6 is a superfan’s dream come true!

Nobelle Borines



Finding love is so much easier these days, thanks to online dating. However, it looks like regular people aren't the only ones who could get lucky on the internet. A few celebrity couples actually met online and some of them are proof that internet romances can work.

Although fans are always hoping for the best, some affairs simply don't last for long. Glee star Naya Rivera started following rapper Big Sean on Twitter before the musician asked her out on a date. The two announced their engagement after six months of dating but ultimately called it off in 2014. Here are seven other celebrity couples who got their start from the internet.

1. Calvin Harris And Rita Ora

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Man Sets World Record by Skating 50 Meters in 8 Seconds – Using His Hands!

This guy just took skating to a whole new level!

Mark Andrew



As if skating wasn’t challenging enough, Mirko Hanßen of Germany took it upon himself to go the next level – by wearing skates on his hands. As a result of his uniquness and hard work, he was able to achieve a world record.

As the official Guinness World Records website tells us, the hand skating enthusiast “has rolled his way into the record books by achieving the record for the Fastest 50 m Hand Skating in just 8.55 seconds.” The achievement was set in Bocholt, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Germany’s Mirko Hanßen is a unique kind of skater.

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11 Secrets Of Celebrity Moms In Snapping Back Into Shape After Having A Baby

#9’s post-baby body is much slimmer than her pre-baby body.




Most moms struggle with losing all the baby weight. They ate for two for nine months and took a lot of supplements to keep the unborn baby healthy, so naturally, their bodies are not the same way anymore like it was before the pregnancy.

However, celebrity moms make losing weight look so easy. They were pregnant one minute, and the next minute they’re back in showing off their rock-hard abs. So how did they do it? Here are 11 secrets of celebrity moms in snapping back into shape after having a baby.

1. Jennifer Lopez

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