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37 Funny (and Creepy!) Vintage Valentine’s Day Greetings

From terrible puns and creepy illustrations, these V-Day cards are totally cringe-worthy!


There’s just something sweet about receiving old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards. Let’s face it: Facebook or text message greetings can’t compare with these cards! We truly appreciate the effort of the sender who took the time to choose a card and even write a personalized message inside it.

However, we do not doubt that things can take a creepy turn if your lover or admirer sent you one of these vintage cards. As you will see in this compilation below, folks back then had a pretty disturbing take on romance – from the most terrible puns and the creepiest illustrations, to everything else in between.

Scroll down and see for yourself:

#1. Eat your heart out. Like literally?

#2. Sounds like a pervy thing to say.

#3. This boy and his bad sausage puns.

#4. To be fair, she knows what she wants.

#5. This is really weird!

#6. Gotta observe the curfew.

#7. Didn’t even rhyme. Geez!

#8. Love your neighbor, as they say.

#9. A harassment, lawsuit waiting to happen.

#10. Creeeepy!

#11. What the heck!

#12. Childhood sweethearts, maybe? It better be.

#13. “Lonesome furnished room”

#14. The law system’s already a mess back in the days.

#15. Saddle, huh? I see what you did there.

#16. So wrong in multiple levels.

#17. Not gonna lie, this made me laugh out loud!

#18. Feminism and Valentine’s Day.

#19. Not even a good pun.

#20. She looks creepy.

#21. This is truly cringe-worthy!

#22. “You iss.” Nuff said.

#23. Oh geez…

#24. What’s up with those eyes?

#25. I’d shore-ly slap this on your face.

#26. This epic fail of a poem.


#28. Somebody save this girl!

#29. Really, really terrible.

#30. Just stop.

#31. Seriously?

#32. Dude, go consult a doctor.

#33. This just looks so wrong.

#34. Truly awkward.

#35. Another one of those “little boy” Valentine thingies.

#36. WTF!

#37. May not be the best image to use.

We bet you facepalmed several times while going through this compilation!

So yeah, if you’re sending a greeting card for this month of hearts, make sure you don’t pick up something like these ones.


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